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Andrea Bocelli will sing to the world for Easter from the Duomo of Milan

Rome / The Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli will sing to the world next Easter Sunday through the internet and from the imposing cathedral of Milan (north), empty due to the ban on concentrations to avoid contagion of the coronavirus.

The concert “Music for hope”  will be broadcast exclusively from the musician’s YouTube channel and can be enjoyed all over the world live starting at 17:00 GMT on Easter Sunday.

In this way, the musician will send a message of hope to everyone from the Duomo, closed to the public and the true heart and icon of the city of Milan, capital of the Lombardy region, the most plagued by coronavirus in the country.

Bocelli will be accompanied only by the organist of the temple, Emanuele Vianelli, at the head of one of the largest and most imposing organs on the planet, and they will perform songs such as “Ave Maria” by Bach and Gounod or “Sancta Maria” by Pietro Mascagni.

A “different” Easter

The Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, has expressed his satisfaction with this particular concert for a “different” Easter, due to the blockade and the confinement that the country is experiencing due to the pandemic, like many others around the world.

“I am sure that the extraordinary voice of Bocelli will be the hug that we miss these days, a strong, special and warm hug for the hearts of Milan, Italy and the world,” said the councilman in a statement.

Bocelli has launched a campaign with her foundation to raise funds and buy medical supplies against the virus and has participated in other initiatives such as an Instagram concert promoted by “influencer” Chiara Ferragni and her husband, rapper Fedez. (April 8, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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The related news on video (August 2018):


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la región italiana más afectada por el coronavirus.
lo que dijo el alcalde de Milán en relación con la Pascua.
un concierto que dará un tenor italiano.
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En el texto se dice que...
la gente podrá ir a esa catedral para ver actuar a Andrea Bocelli.
Andrea Bocelli dará un concierto el domingo de Resurrección.
el ayuntamiento de Milán retransmitirá en directo el concierto de Bocelli en las redes sociales.
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es poco probable que Bocelli cante el "Ave Maria".
Bocelli dio un mensaje de esperanza antes de dar ese concierto.
Bocelli dará un mensaje de esperanza por la situación que vive el mundo por el coronavirus.
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Según el texto...
Bocelli lanzará una campaña el domingo de Resurrección para recaudar fondos para luchar contra el COVID-19.
los ciudadanos de Milán no pueden todavía salir de casa.
al alcalde de Milán no le parece que sea buena idea que Bocelli cante en el Duomo.
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Según el vídeo...
Bocelli anunció que realizará la banda sonora de una película.
Bocelli abrió la decimoctava edición del festival de Cap Roig.
Bocelli dijo que espera que esas canciones sean como una banda sonora para acompañar sus vidas.
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