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Another Banksy for Brandler

The last work of the enigmatic street artist Banksy, a graffiti of a child on the wall of a garage in Wales (United Kingdom), has been bought for more than 100,000 pounds (113,480 euros), although the figure that could have been superior.

The graffiti occupies two walls, one of them shows a child playing with what appears to be snow and, in the other, it is discovered that the flakes with which he has fun are really ash and smoke from the burning of a container.
In July, dust from steel mills in the British city covered houses, cars and pets, a fact that could have been the inspiration for the British artist.


The owner of the garage, the neighbor of the town Ian Lewis, said that the appearance of the work on December 18 in its premises was like “a Christmas in advance.”

However, shortly after he lamented the stress that was causing him to have to guard the representation and media pressure to which he was subjected.

The owner of the Brandler galleries in the English town of Essex, John Brandler, is the one who purchased the piece, although he agreed to keep it in its current location, a garage in the suburban district of Taibach, in the Welsh town of Port Talbot, by a minimum time of two years.


The new owner of the vindictive painting, which already owns several works by Banksy, suggested today that he could lend a “five or six” pieces of the creator for public exhibition in Wales and “help” to promote “tourism”.

“This is not the most valuable Banksy I have but it’s definitely the one I’m most proud of, it’s so brilliant, it has an instant and powerful message,” the buyer emphasized.

Banksy placed himself in the global media eye last October, after having one of his works self-destruct after being auctioned for 1.04 million pounds (1.18 million euros) at the London auction house Sotheby’s. (January 2019, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

News related in video (2018):


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Question 1
En el texto se habla de...  
cuáles son las principales obras de Bansky.
una obra de Banksy que será subastada próximamente.
una obra de Banksy que ha sido recientemente adquirida por miles de libras.
Question 2
Un hombre adulto aparece en el último grafiti realizado por Banksy.    
Claro que sí.
No se sabe.
Para nada.
Question 3
Según el texto, ese último grafiti...  
no tiene nada que ver con un incendio que hubo.
se realizó antes de que se produjera un incendio en una fábrica.
es probable que estuviera inspirado en un incendio que hubo.
Question 4
Actualmente, ¿quién es el propietario de ese Bansky?  
El propietario de la cochera donde se pintó.
El propietario de una galería.
El propietario de una fábrica que se incendió.
Question 5
En el texto se dice que Bradler...  
afirma que podría prestar algunas de sus obras para que haya más turismo.
descarta que vaya a prestar algunas de las obras de Banksy que tiene.
asevera que esta es la primera obra de Banksy que adquiere.
Question 6
En el vídeo, se habla...  
de unas piezas de Bansky que fueron subastadas.
de una muestra de los mejores grafiteros del mundo.
de una exhibición sobre la obra de Bansky.
Question 7
Según el vídeo...  
se desconoce quién es Bansky.
el propio Bansky estuvo presente en la inauguración.
ya se conoce la identidad de Banksy.
Question 8
En el vídeo se dice que las obras de Banksy...      
no están relacionadas con temas políticos.
cuestionan los convencionalismos.
no tienen nada que ver con el arte callejero.
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