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Antibodies that Israel develops and neutralize the coronavirus that causes COVID-19

Jerusalem / The Israel Institute for Biotechnology Research, under the Ministry of Defense, reported Thursday that it has managed to develop more antibodies that neutralize the coronavirus, in addition to the one presented this week, which will accelerate the creation of drugs.

The researchers assured Israel’s President Reuvén Rivlin and Defense Minister Naftali Benet today that they have been successfully tested and clarified that it will allow the development of drugs for patients with COVID-19, but that it is not a vaccine.

Three new antibodies

It was not reported whether they have been used in human clinical trials. According to the digital Times of Israel, specifically, three new antibodies have been detected.

This week the research center announced the development of a first antibody, which attacks the virus in a monoclonal way, and today added that the new ones will even be used if the virus mutates.

Patent registration

In the next few days, the patent registration will take place and then the researchers will publish a scientific paper for peer review, the center announced.

“The whole world waits for the day that an antibody, an immunization, a drug or a treatment that will help us save lives will be found,” said Rivlin, adding that “although the process is long and complex” the current advances are a step significant “towards victory”.

Dozens of research teams are searching the world for a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has caused a pandemic with more than 260,000 deaths, and around a dozen would be in the early stages of human trials.

In this case, these are antibodies for the creation of drugs, developed by the Israel Institute for Biotechnological Research, which is dedicated, among other things, to researching chemical weapons and looking for antidotes for them. (May 7, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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The related video news (May 3, 2020):


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Principalmente el texto habla...
de unos anticuerpos que ha desarrollado Israel para combatir el COVID-19.
del número de fallecidos a causa del nuevo coronavirus.
de los investigadores de todo el mundo que buscan una vacuna efectiva contra el COVID-19.
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En el texto se dice que...
los expertos no creen que esos anticuerpos puedan neutralizar el virus.
los anticuerpos que se han desarrollado en Israel pueden neutralizar ese virus.
es poco probable que esos nuevos anticuerpos puedan neutralizar ese virus aunque este mute.
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Según el texto...
investigadores de todo el mundo están buscando una vacuna efectiva para el COVID-19.
Rivlin no cree que el proceso de creación de una vacuna para el COVID-19 sea largo.
Israel acaba de patentar una vacuna para el COVID-19.
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Tras leer el texto entendemos que...
Rivlin no cree que estos descubrimientos sean de utilidad en la lucha contra el COVID-19.
Rivlin valora de forma positiva estos descubrimientos porque ayudan en la lucha contra el COVID-19.
por ahora ningún país está realizando ensayos en humanos.
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En el vídeo se dice que...
Pompeo está seguro de que el COVID-19 no se ha desarrollado en un laboratorio.
EE.UU. ya ha encontrado una vacuna contra el COVID-19.
más de sesenta mil personas han fallecido en EE.UU. por el COVID-19
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