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The painter Antonio Lopez gave a course in Madrid last week to 30 figurative artists from China, organized by The International Arts and Culture Group (TIAC) and coordinated by the painter Nacho Vergara for the second time, together with one of his most outstanding disciples, Jorge Abbad.

“But they come seeking wisdom, wisdom, as we all seek it. Painting is the same in China as in La Mancha, you only know who has done it when you look at the face of the author, but we are all painters who travel, like me who also moved and I sought scholarships to learn,” the artist explains before a group of journalists after a break with their students, who are attending and looking at their jobs, one by one.

Listen MP3 (April 6, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“Painting is the same for everyone. It serves to express emotions, it does not matter in China that in La Mancha. It’s exactly the same. So, well, we talk about something that join us though the language makes it difficult for us to communicate, there are two or three people who help us to transmit what we say, but there is something… a kind of common instinct that makes them very quickly understand what you are saying. “


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Escucha el MP3 y responde las preguntas. (Listen the audio and answer the questions.)

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Question 1
En el MP3, Antonio López dice que…
no todo el mundo entiende la pintura de la misma manera.
hay algo ‘universal’ en la pintura.
todos los artistas pintan siempre lo mismo.
Question 2
Según Antonio López, ¿qué función tiene la pintura?
Transmitir emociones.
Evitar expresar las emociones del pintor.
Question 3
En el MP3, López afirma que…
nunca ha necesitado la ayuda de ningún traductor para dar clases de pintura.
necesitó la ayuda de unos traductores para comunicarse con sus alumnos.
no dio clases a unos pintores extranjeros porque no entiende su idioma.
Question 4
Sobre sus alumnos, Antonio López dice que…
sus alumnos apenas le entendían.
no le entendían lo que les decía.
entendieron muy rápido lo que les decía.
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