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Architect Moneo integrated city and countryside in the building Museum University of Navarra

Architect Rafael Moneo (Tudela, Navarra, 1937) has launched today in Pamplona the building Museum University of Navarra, where he has tried to integrate city and landscape, and which, with a total investment of 24 million euros, is currently in its last phase of construction.

Its completion is scheduled for fall of 2014 as Moneo pointed Moneo journalists, before presenting this project, which will house the art collection of María Josefa Huarte, donated to the University of Navarra and that has been the origen for the construction of this Center Art in the campus.

Moneo has explained that seeing the work “one can understand the mode is integrated into the campus and the relationship that will have with Pamplona”.A building, added, “demonstrating how architecture can coexist between city and nature”.

For the architect, author of creations such as the Museo Thyssen Bornemisza, the extension Museo del Prado, the Kursaal of San Sebastián, yhe Modern Museet (Estocolmo) or the Museum Fine Arts of Houston (Texas), the choice of the site was “successful” and the work “think that it is well executed”, complete the campus and “recognizes the desire to University by connect with the city”.

The building “reinforces and emphasizes this point of contact between the campus and the city and stands as a link in the movement of the people they approach to the University from city”, he explained to Moneo, the only Spanish he is awarded the Pritzker Prize (1996).

Sensitivity between architecture and nature

To its author, the characteristic feature of this work “is being a sensitive building to the landscape and in this case a very close to the city landscape”.

“Is very directly related to the city and the landscape and one of the buildings which more recognizes how important it is, perhaps even more in a city as Pamplona, that complying pretty well with that feeling that urban culture and nature are not at odds”, said.

Moneo has also acknowledged that, at the moment, for him “is a fortune” maintain professional contact with their community of origin. See that with an already advanced career, keep contact with my land is surely what for me has special interest of this building.

In addition to the architect, event have been involved the rector of the University of Navarre, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero; the Mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya; the Vice President of the Government of Navarra, Yolanda Barcina; the director of the Museum, Miguel López-Remiro; and the President of the newly created Board, Angel Gomez Montoro, among others.

With 11,000 square meters, the building will host at its three plants, among other spaces, twelve rooms and an auditorium with 750 seats that aims to promote artistic knowledge in the field of the Visual Arts to students and the public in general..

The Museum construction started in January 2012 and will be completed in June 2014, and, previously some activities could be organized already within the enclosure, the Museum planned its official inauguration in January 2015, year in which plans to receive 107,000 visitors.

Pamplona (España), 10 diciembre 2013, EFE/Practica Español

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La presentación del edificio perteneciente al Museo Universidad de Navarra
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Conectar la universidad con la ciudad
Fragmentar la unión entre universidad y ciudad
Fomentar el conocimiento libresco
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