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Are we ready for alien life?

The cosmonaut and hero of the Russian Federation,Yuri Usachev is absolutely convinced that there is extraterrestrial life. But the question is not whether or not there is life outside our world, but whether we are ready for it.

Will we know how to manage it?, asks yourself in an interview with EFE.

Usachev (Donetsk, Russia, 1957) is one of the most famous and respected Russian cosmonauts in the country. Behind him is four space trips: two long missions on the Russian space station MIR, two on the International Space Station (ISS), and seven space rides. In total 553 days living in the cosmos.

“I am often asked if I have seen aliens … I am absolutely certain that there is life out there. I am convinced that we are not alone and that we must be prepared to meet us other forms of life that we do not know how they are,” told EFE.

“I think not yet,” he said.

“Unfortunately we still do not understand many aspects of our own life.We do not understand what life is and that is the first thing we should do.That is where we should start. We will then be prepared to meet whit other life forms and find out what we expect from that contact. What would we do with them, what would we ask them … “.

Usachev, retired from the cosmonaut squadron since 2005, is a Senior Specialist in the Experimental Flight Department of the ‘Energy’ spacecraft Corporation, an activity that he combines with travels and conferences in which he spreads his love for the cosmos and his experiences in the space.

In Madrid, Usachev participated in “The Week of the Cosmos”, a cycle organized by the Russian Center for Science and Social Work “La Caixa”.

Madrid, April, 14, 2017, EFE/PracticaEspañol



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