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Are you a girl or a boy who knows how to curl and wear the curl or a very well curled mane?

If so, you can join the legion of adepts and followers of curly or wavy hair, not smooth, who practice the “Curly Girl Method”, a whole community of women with curly manes (curly, in English) , whether they are afro, wavy, or curly … natural. “Influencers” and celebrities have been adding to this style, along with Internet users who naturally “curl the curl”.

Through the waves

In the first instance, it may not be relevant beyond being a new aesthetic trend, but for many curly women it goes further. And if not, ask Leona Lewis: “I entered the music industry with thick, curly hair, but I couldn’t help but notice that I was surrounded by images with straight hair,” the singer told the Glamor magazine.

Therein lies one of the keys: many curly-haired women speak on social networks of a stigma towards this type of manes, of misinformation and lack of products, and how straight hair is associated with clean and groomed hair. In fact, Leona Lewis affirmed in Glamour that “by wearing it straight I felt that my hair was more polished”.

And the curly method (or CGM for its acronym in English) tries precisely to change that perception. It has its origin in the stylist Lorraine Massey, who in addition to taking out a book about it, developed a whole line of products. However, over time, the “Curly Girl Method” has been expanding, adapting, and changing.

In fact, in the market there are both traditional brands that are increasingly releasing more products compatible with the “CGM”, and brands that are born thinking directly of curly manes. And many of them are made known thanks to the opinion of both “influencers” and users of the networks.

This is how Lylien, a young woman who follows the method, discovered it: “I was fed up with my love / hate relationship with my hair. I went to YouTube to see what other people with curly hair were doing, the closest thing to mine ”, he comments to Efe.

“They gave advice on how to treat it, what not to do, and what type of products to avoid. I continued to learn from those African American and Afro-Latin women on YouTube, and I have ended up getting more out of my North African mane, ”says Lylien.

Researching the method, most bloggers who talk about it agree on a series of guidelines:

– Ingredients to avoid, including sulfates and silicones.

– The way to dry it, with microfiber or cotton towels instead of the classic ones, and avoiding the dryer, except with the diffuser and cold air.

– The way to comb and untangle it, with specific combs and brushes instead of traditional ones.

– The way to sleep, with pillowcases or satin hats and a bow or high train, known as “pineapple” for its similarity to this fruit. ”

Describe for Efe the bases of this method.

Goal: hydration

Lylien describes to Efe the bases of this method.

“I define it as the correct and healthy way to care for your curly hair. That is to say,
hydration, hydration, and… Yes, more hydration ”, he stresses.

“How do you have to wash your hair? How often? With what to dry it? What tools to use? Which ones don’t …? And you can adapt this method to your own type of curl, because it is very important to know what your hair type is, ”he explains.

In fact, actress Zendaya commented on Naturally Curly: “When I get out of the shower I use a wide-toothed comb. Otherwise, my hair will tangle or the curls will fall apart. ” The artist also shared on YouTube her care routine, which includes various products and steps typical of the “CGM”.

The actress also mentioned the “pineapple” at bedtime: “I put my hair on top of my head with a loose curl. It is not really a bun, it is just stacked there so as not to crush the curls. And I sleep in a satin pillowcase, ”they published in Naturally Curly.

But why these specific cares for this type of hair? Lylien believes that it is “because wavy and curly hair, and especially Afro, need a lot of hydration and it has to be specific: it is very fragile hair and needs products that protect it”, adding: “a curious fact: curly hair It burns faster than a smooth one. ”

According to this young woman, the usual products “lack those specific ingredients for our type of mane”, and explains that “the structure of curly hair and straight hair is different and the way of behaving as well.”

“In the end, the objective of the method is for you to treat your hair delicately and pamper it, and everyone can take advantage of that,” he adds, but stresses that, “what must be clear is that this method is not going to make your hair curl, your hair is what it is, ” she says.

Curling curl

In her case, Lylien tells what she perceives after using the method is that her hair is more hydrated. And is that in naturalness is the key: “if the hair looks shiny and healthy, it is because it is so, not because it has certain products that the only thing they do is cheat. I’m getting closer to the type of hair I want, full of natural, loose, soft curls. ”

So, along with naturalness, there is acceptance, something that Leona Lewis spoke about in Glamor, who, after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, wanted to move to a healthier lifestyle and use natural products, including for her hair But, “at first I still had doubts about how to look my curly hair: I had forgotten what it looked like and what to do with it”.

In addition Leona Lewis added in the same publication: “In the photo shoots many stylists did not know what to do with my curly hair,” she says of that stage in which she straightened her hair.

And she also goes to childhood, in this case that of her goddaughter who, according to her account, “had begun to want straight hair.” On this, Lewis relates: “it made me remember how insecure I used to feel.”

For her part, for those who are considering switching to the method, Lylien advises “a lot of patience. Especially if you have dyed a lot or have used straighteners a lot.

“It is not a miraculous method”, she remembers, but she clarifies: “with patience your hair will look much better little by little, and you do not mind trying different products until you find your formula. But yes, find out and find out what your curl needs and what not. ”

(June 12, 2020, EFE / REPORTAJES / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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