- That man and the war tank -
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That man and the war tank

Manuel Noriega / One of the most powerful images in history turns 30 years. On June 5, 1989, that man, standing in front of a long line of tanks during the …

- Penélope Cruz (respect) -

Penélope Cruz (respect)

The voice of Spanish actress Penelope Cruz speaking at the Cannes Film Festival about the respect she felt for the mother of director Pedro Almodóvar. On the …

- Mario Vargas Llosa (Catalan nationalism) -

Mario Vargas Llosa (Catalan nationalism)

The voice of the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa speaking about the Catalan independence movement in an act called by Societat Civil in Barcelona. The …

- Daniel Ortega (protests in Nicaragua) -

Daniel Ortega (protests in Nicaragua)

The voice of Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua, talking about the protests in his country and the true people responsible for the deaths.   The …

- Luis Chillida (Museum Chillida-Leku) -

Luis Chillida (Museum Chillida-Leku)

The voice of Luis Chillida, son of the sculptor Eduardo Chillida, in a press conference on the occasion of the reopening of the Chillida-Leku Museum next …

- Hipólito Mejía (corruption) -

Hipólito Mejía (corruption)

The voice of former President of the Dominican Republic Hipólito Mejía speaking from Spain about the corruption that plagues his country. The former …

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