- That man and the war tank -
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That man and the war tank

Manuel Noriega / One of the most powerful images in history turns 30 years. On June 5, 1989, that man, standing in front of a long line of tanks during the …

- Penélope Cruz (respect) -

Penélope Cruz (respect)

The voice of Spanish actress Penelope Cruz speaking at the Cannes Film Festival about the respect she felt for the mother of director Pedro Almodóvar. On the …

- Mario Vargas Llosa (Catalan nationalism) -

Mario Vargas Llosa (Catalan nationalism)

The voice of the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa speaking about the Catalan independence movement in an act called by Societat Civil in Barcelona. The …

- Horacio Cartes (love for Paraguay) -

Horacio Cartes (love for Paraguay)

The voice of former president of Paraguay Horacio Cartes talking about his mandate and the love he feels for his country in an interview with Agencia EFE. Of …

- Isabel Saint Malo (Panama Papers) -

Isabel Saint Malo (Panama Papers)

The voice of the Vice President of Panama, Isabel Saint Malo, talking about corruption from Rome in the framework of an official visit to Italy and the …

- Daniel Ortega (protests in Nicaragua) -

Daniel Ortega (protests in Nicaragua)

The voice of Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua, talking about the protests in his country and the true people responsible for the deaths.   The …

- Luis Chillida (Museum Chillida-Leku) -

Luis Chillida (Museum Chillida-Leku)

The voice of Luis Chillida, son of the sculptor Eduardo Chillida, in a press conference on the occasion of the reopening of the Chillida-Leku Museum next …

- Hipólito Mejía (corruption) -

Hipólito Mejía (corruption)

The voice of former President of the Dominican Republic Hipólito Mejía speaking from Spain about the corruption that plagues his country. The former …

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