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Banksy and Raphael talk in the Cloister of Bramante in Rome

Rome / The satire and political denunciation of the most well-known and mysterious street artist in history, Banksy, dialogue with the work of the Renaissance master Raphael within the walls of the Cloister of Bramante in Rome, which hosts the exhibition “Banksy, a visual protest”.

The Renaissance building houses from this week until April 11, 2021 more than a hundred works by the British artist, including some of the best known as “Girl with a balloon”, “Love is in the air” or “Napalm”. and others that go beyond graffiti, made with techniques from oil to acrylic, on canvas or metal, and even sculpture.

The works are between 2001 and 2017 and also include designs for album or book covers made by the mysterious artist, all from private collections.

In addition, within the framework of the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death, the exhibition becomes a dialogue with the Renaissance painter under the project #ArtIsAlwaysContemporary, since attendees can see from a window of the first cloister floor a fresco from 1515 that he made to decorate the basilica of Santa María della Pace.

According to the organizers, the aim is not to compare the virtuosity of both artists, but to provoke a dialogue about the evocative power of their images, which made both artists revolutionary in their time by making their works a reflection of messages, moods or emotions.

The sample was postponed due to COVID-19

The exhibition was scheduled for last March, but the coronavirus pandemic, which hit Italy hard, forced its inauguration to be postponed.

And now visits can only be made with limitations for security reasons, with temperature measurement upon arrival, small groups and mandatory masks.

Poverty, globalization, politics, war or consumption are once again the object of criticism of the anonymous graffiti artist except for his close collaborators. The artist is believed to have been born in the early 1970s in Bristol, where his artistic production began in the early 1990s.

Anonymity is not only intended to protect you from the police against illegal graffiti raids, but also your work, loaded with a powerful political message, to prevent it from being contaminated by the perception that the public may have when knowing your identity. (September 11, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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Question 1
En general, el texto habla...
del quinto centenario de pintor renacentista Rafael.
de un fresco que hay en una basílica de Roma.
de una exposición en la capital de Roma sobre la obra de Banksy.
Question 2
En el texto se dice que...
esta muestra podrá verse en Roma hasta el 11 de abril del año que viene.
esa exposición se inauguró en la fecha en que estaba previsto.
es posible que la inauguración de esa muestra vuelva a aplazarse por el COVID-19.
Question 3
Según el texto...
muchas de las obras de Bansky que se exhiben se inspiraron en la obra de Rafael.
las obras de Bansky se exhiben en un edificio que se construyó el siglo pasado.
los visitantes podrán observar un fresco de Rafael desde una ventana.
Question 4
En el texto se dice que...
la identidad de Bansky se desconoce.
se desmiente que haya algún tipo de limitación en las visitas de esta muestra.
el grafitero Bansky no suele hacer obras en las que se muestre crítico con la política o el consumo.
Question 5
El objetivo principal de esta muestra es comparar la técnica de Bansky con la de Rafael.
No se sabe.
Question 6
En el vídeo se ve que...
en una de las obras aparece un simio con corona y collar.
junto a las obras de Bansky hay muchos retratos pintados por Rafael.
no aparece ningún policía en ninguna de las obras.
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