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Biden borders on victory as Trump defies scrutiny in three states

Washington / Philadelphia / Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is on the verge of victory in the US election on Wednesday, while his rival, President Donald Trump, defied scrutiny in three key states as his re-election options narrowed.

By registering the key states of Michigan and Wisconsin, according to the projections of the main media, Biden added 264 delegates to the Electoral College and was one step away from achieving the 270 delegates who give the keys to the White House, compared to the 214 accumulated by Trump.

However, the president and his campaign insisted on their victory options and called for a recount of the votes in Wisconsin, in addition to filing lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania to stop the scrutiny and pressure the Supreme Court to intervene in the latter state.

Biden spider victory

The Democratic candidate appeared Wednesday afternoon before the media in Wilmington (Delaware) to try to project confidence in the scrutiny and optimism about his possible victory, while the country remained in suspense by the tightness of the results.

“Once the count is finished, we will be winners,” predicted the former vice president, accompanied by his running mate, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

“No one is going to take away our democracy, not now or ever,” added Biden, who has denounced Trump’s attempts to proclaim himself the winner of the elections without having definitive results.

Biden celebrated becoming the most voted presidential candidate in the country’s history, gathering more than 70 million votes out of the nearly 160 million that were cast in these elections, characterized by the largest turnout in 120 years, since 1900.

His campaign was very optimistic from early in the morning, when his campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, assured that he saw “a clear path to victory.”

Four key states at stake

That path involves conquering at least one of the four key states that remain at stake: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada.

With more than 86% scrutinized in all of them, Biden is in the lead only in Nevada – which gives 6 electoral votes, just the ones he needs to reach 270 – while Trump is ahead by narrow margins in the other three.

In Pennsylvania, most of the votes that remain to be counted are by mail, which generally tends to go to Democrats, which could trim Trump’s 260,000-plus vote lead from Biden on Wednesday afternoon.

Aware that his path to a second term was narrowing, Trump proclaimed himself the winner on Wednesday in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan, something that is false because there are no definitive results or projections that corroborate that extreme.

Trump challenges the process in three states

His campaign called for a recount in Wisconsin, given that Biden’s lead was less than 1% of the vote, and he filed at least two lawsuits in two other states that gave him the keys to the White House in 2016.

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, Trump’s team filed lawsuits to stop the vote counting, considering that its observers have not had access due to the place where it is being carried out.

In addition, in Pennsylvania, the president’s campaign has joined a lawsuit that seeks to have the Supreme Court stop the counting of certain votes, and has filed another lawsuit to limit the time allowed to first-time voters to confirm that they have the right to vote. identification required.

“Our attorneys have asked for‘ meaningful access ’(to the polling place), but what good is that?” The president later wrote on Twitter, apparently discouraged by his team’s strategy.

The damage has already been done to the integrity of our system, and to the presidential elections itself. This is what we should talk about! ”Trump cried.

Your campaign asks to wait until Friday

Unlike his rival, Trump did not appear in public throughout the day, and left the comments in the hands of his campaign, which was confident that it could project a victory for the president this Friday.

That’s when Trump’s team is confident that the scrutiny in Arizona will end, a state that many media projections have already attributed to Biden but that the president insists is at stake.

Despite the tight results and his possible defeat, Trump has already obtained at least five million more votes than in 2016, with at least 67.9 million votes in his favor compared to 62.9 million four years ago . (4 November 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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