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Biden’s ad in Texas in Spanish

Washington / The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden launched its first ad in Spanish in the state of Texas, a Republican stronghold that opted for President Donald Trump in the 2016 elections and where this year the polls show a tighter race.

The ad is titled “We Are Somebody” and it includes images of Trump during an electoral rally in which he stated that the coronavirus “affects the elderly, it affects practically no one, it is an incredible thing.”

In the video, the campaign recalls that the pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 200,000 Americans.

Almost a quarter of them (42,000) are Latino, showing the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on this demographic, which represents 18% of the country’s population.

In the announcement, a voice says that it is “incredible” that Trump considers that these “lives are nobody” and concludes by saying: “we are grandparents, grandmothers, uncles, entire families, we are someone and we will prove it.”

During the 1960s, coinciding with the African-American civil rights movement, the Republican Party began to gain strength in Texas and has managed to perpetuate its power for decades.

The last Democratic candidate to win in Texas was former President Jimmy Carter, who took the state in 1976.

However, this year, polls have at times shown Biden above Trump, although currently 49.2% of Texans support the president and 44.8% his rival, according to the website Real Clear Politics , which makes an average of the main polls.

Arizona and Florida

In addition to Texas, Biden’s campaign launched ads in two other key states for the Hispanic vote: Arizona, traditionally Republican and where since 1948 only one Democrat, Bill Clinton, has won in 1996; and Florida, the major state that backed Trump in 2016.

The ad that aired in Florida and Arizona called “Somos Todos” (We Are Everyone) shows the parallels between the Latino population and Biden and, especially, refers to the values ​​they both share: family, hard work and faith.

Another ad, titled “Nuestro Destino” (Our Destiny), aired on televisions in Orlando and Tampa (Florida) to highlight the resilience of Puerto Ricans, especially after the devastating passage in 2017 of Hurricane Maria, which forced many of the inhabitants from the island to move to Florida.

Some 32 million Hispanics are eligible to vote in the November elections, and Democrats have set a goal to enthuse at least 14 million to turn out to vote. (November 3, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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Biden grabó un vídeo en español para su campaña electoral.
el candidato demócrata tiene previsto grabar un anuncio en español.
todos los vídeos de la campaña electoral de Biden se han grabado en inglés.
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Leyendo el texto entendemos que...
según los sondeos, Trump obtendrá una amplia victoria en estos comicios.
se lanzó ese anuncio en Texas para captar el voto latino.
el primer anuncio de Biden en español se lanzó en la capital de EE.UU.
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Tras leer el texto entendemos que en el vídeo "Somos alguien"...
no se hace ningún tipo de crítica a Trump.
no se menciona para nada la pandemia del coronavirus.
aparece Trump diciendo que el coronavirus apenas afecta a las personas.
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Según el texto...
los demócratas siempre han ganado en el estado de Texas.
por ahora, ningún candidato demócrata ha ganado en el estado de Texas.
los republicanos han obtenido muy buenos resultados en Texas durante décadas.
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En el texto se dice que...
el partido demócrata comparte valores con la comunidad hispana, según su anuncio "Somos todos".
solo en el estado de Texas viven más de treinta millones de latinos.
Biden planea lanzar pronto otros dos anuncios más dirigidos a la comunidad latina de EE.UU.
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