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Economy Nivel B2


Miami / Buy bitcoins is no longer an action only of large investors eager to expand their fortunes to become a chain phenomenon, in which even low-income young people who aspire to join the upward climb of this virtual currency.

The participation of so-called millennials in the rage for the bitcoin, which has come to quote more than $ 17,600, has come through the simplicity provided by mobile phones.

Checking the fluctuations through mobile applications such as “Coinbase”, which allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a simple way, is becoming an increasingly common scene among friends, co-workers or the taxi driver who gives in to the impulse to constantly look at his cell phone.

The easy access to the currency, together with its entry in the U.S. futures market, has made the bitcoin have multiplied by 17 its value so far this year.

Vanessa Lorenzo, a 26-year-old American girl who had always been attracted to the idea of buying bitcoins, took the step recently and instead of buying some furniture that she had in mind, she decided to invest those 1,000 dollars in the virtual currency, knowing – she says – “I would not see them again”.

Estimates that the bitcoin is no longer a thing of ‘geeks’ or men of high class on Wall Street to be already “a global behaviour.”

In essence, the bitcoin is not regulated, does not depend on banks or is supervised by government institutions, characteristics that, together with the possibility of making money easily, seem to seduce people of any age and condition.

But these virtual currencies are not exempt from criticism and security risks. Experts like Rod Soto, secretary of Hack Miami, a community of “ethical hackers” of South Florida (USA), warns about it and warns of the possibility of being “entering a bubble”.

And is that before the risks involved in such an investment, the temptation to get a quick and large return of money just by opening a mobile application arouses the curiosity of many. However, the “ethical hacker” warns: “When the taxi driver tells you that he is buying bitcoins, there is already a bubble”.

Lorenzo Castro reported from Miami. (December 18, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

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desde siempre todo el mundo ha invertido en bitcoines.
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El bitcoin no está ligado a ninguna entidad bancaria o gobierno.
No se sabe.
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no tienen nada que ver con el hecho de que haya más personas invirtiendo en bitcoines.
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