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Brazil’s ex-president Lula arrives at prison to begin 12-year sentence

Curitiba, Brazil / Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Saturday night arrived at the headquarters of the Federal Police in Curitiba as he begins a 12-year prison sentence for corruption.

Lula, who was convicted last July and had his sentence increased to 12 years and one month from 10 years on appeal earlier this year, was flown to Curitiba from Sao Paolo after he turned himself in to authorities after the jail sentence was issued on Thursday.

Hundreds of his supporters had blocked the entrance to the headquarters of the Metalworkers Union, where Lula had been staying, in an attempt to prevent him from turning himself in to police.

The former union leader was sentenced for allegedly accepting bribes in exchange for helping Brazilian construction company OAS obtain lucrative contracts from state oil company Petrobras.

Lula vehemently maintains his innocence, arguing that the accusations against him are aimed at preventing him from running in October’s presidential election, for which he is leading the polls.

Sergio Moro, the judge who handed down the original corruption conviction against Lula, issued a decree late Thursday giving the former head of state until 5 pm Friday to surrender to Federal Police in Curitiba, a city in southern Brazil.

Lula did not meet that deadline but told his supporters earlier on Saturday that he would comply with the order.

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Question 1
En la noticia se dice que…
los seguidores de Lula fueron los que ayudaron a las autoridades para que este ingresara en prisión.
el expresidente Lula jamás quiso evitar que las autoridades le encarcelaran.
el expresidente Lula decidió entregarse a las autoridades e ingresar así en prisión.
Question 2
Según el texto…
la policía llevó a Lula a un edificio de Sao Paulo antes de meterle en la cárcel.
Lula se encerró durante un par de días en un edificio para evitar su ingreso en prisión.
encerraron a Lula en contra de su voluntad durante unos días en un edificio de Sao Paulo.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que…
la policía no pudo entrar en ese edificio ya que los militantes impedían que esta entrara.
la policía utilizó la fuerza para conseguir que Lula saliera de ese edificio.
la policía cumplió la orden del juez sin dificultad.
Question 4
Lula ingresó en prisión por haber cometido delitos de corrupción.
¡Quien sabe!
Para nada.
Así es.
Question 5
En la noticia se dice que Lula…
aseveró que demostrará que no han encarcelado a un hombre culpable sino a un inocente.
admitió que no es inocente sino culpable.
considera que es imposible que se pruebe su inocencia.
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