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Culture Nivel B2


The first letter that Antonio Buero Vallejo wrote his now widow, Victoria Rodriguez; his Poetic by Aristotle, bedtime reading of the playwright, a pipe and one of the pens with which he wrote will be kept from today, date in which he would be one hundred years, in the Caja de las Letras (The Box of the Letters).

The legacy in memoriam of Bueron Vallejo  has been deposited today in the Caja de las Letras of the Instituto Cervantes by Victoria Rodriguez, who, very excited, has remind her husband, winner Cervantes Prize in 1986,as an “exemplary man”.

The legacy will be kept in the safe-deposit box of the old vault number 1516 until its opening, scheduled for April 29 2050, exactly half a century later of the decease of the author of Historia de una escalera, who was already drawer and illustrator.

Precisely, according to director of Instituto Cervantes, Victor Garcia de la Concha, the letter that Victoria Rodriguez has deposited in the box contains a caricature that Bueno Vallejo did himself.

“I married to that exemplary man, I believe that made him happy, I give him two child, and our life, in spite of the time, was quiet and normal”, has remind the widow, actress and winner of the national prize for theatre in 1958, who has emphasized strong emotion that she felt by the tribute by Instituto Cervantes.

García de la Concha has explained how, in few years, Caja de las Letras has become a big symbolic importance, becoming safes and jewels into place where keeping letters.

“Everything else go out, but letters stay”, has noted director of the Instituto Cervantes, who has explained exceptionality of the day due to co-written law for which is often to deposit legacy of alive artist in the old vault.

But in exceptional cases, how occurred with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and today with Buero Vallejo, classic par excellence of the theatre in the postwar, Caja de las Letras is opened to keep legacies of characters deceased, he has noted.

Buero Vallejo, born on September 29 1916 in Guadalajara, moved to Madrid in 1933, and at the begin of the Civil War, he enlisted in the Army of the Republic. At its end, he was sentenced to death, but, finally, penalty was commuted.

In prison, he knew poet Miguel Hernandez, at who he did a portrait. García de la Concha remind Buero Vallejo as “a first-rate intellectual” who was interested in the painting.

He combined his fidelity to classic tragedy with the compromise with the historic time that he was living, the Spain of the postwar, a man that “knew talking in the silence, to see in the dark and listen in the hubbub”, director of Instituto Cervantes noted.

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Unos objetos personales de Buero Vallejo son depositados en la Caja de las Letras.
La celebración del aniversario del fallecimiento de Buero Vallejo.
Unas obras inéditas de Buero Vallejo son depositadas en la Caja de la Letras.
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Una de las hijas de Buero Vallejo.
Su viuda.
El director del Instituto Cervantes.
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Dentro de 60 años.
Cuando se cumpla el quincuagésimo aniversario del fallecimiento de Buero Vallejo.
Cuando se cumplan 100 del nacimiento de Buero Vallejo.
Question 4
“Historia de una escalera”.
Una obra de teatro de Aristóteles.
'La poética' de Aristóteles.
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Son de instituciones relacionadas con la lengua.
Son de escritores que aún viven.
Son de escritores que han fallecido.
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Porque se negó a luchar en el bando republicano durante la guerra civil.
Porque luchó en el bando republicano durante la guerra civil.
Porque escribió una obra que hablaba sobre la guerra civil española.
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