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Madrid/ Carlos Vives has demonstrated this night that his “bicicleta” and “vallenato” are more alive than ever, in a concert in which the public has not stopped singing the most famous songs of the Colombian, which has brought as a guest Melendi, with whom he has interpreted “El arrepentido”. 

Vives is in the best moment of his career and with 56 years he has energy for a while, as he has demonstrated today in the Festival Noches del Botánico, together with a large band formed by musicians from different parts of Colombia, who know the musical traditional of the world ambassador of the vallenato.

The artist, who offered a two-hour concert with hardly any rest, interpreted very varied songs, ranging from early albums like “Clásicos de la provincia” (1993) or the popular “La tierra del olvido” (1995) to “Corazón profundo” (2013) and some of the collaborations that made him more famous such as the famous “La bicicleta” or “Nota de amor”, without fogetting his latest album “Vives”.

And it is that the singer was the absolute protagonist of the night, in a concert in which at first it was going to be double, with the performance of the Colombian jazz and swing group Monsieur Periné, which finally cancelled due to “logistical reasons”, the organizers of the event informed.

Flowers to the Botánico

With a wardrobe marked by floral motifs, with which the musician wanted to make his contribution to the Botanical Garden, Vives has started the show with the song “Pa Mayte”, in which the audience has quickly begun to sing the chorus, a fact that has become the general tone of the night.

“Las orquídeas son preciosas, los nardos y las clavellinas pero nadie como tú, pero nadie como tú, te canto Madrid divina”, Vives improvised, which generated enthusiasm with the Colombian musical folklore of songs like “La cañaguetera”, “Cachucha bacana”, accompanied by an omnipresent accordion and the dance, including the artist’s air kicks.

With “El cantor fonseca” the musician got the audience in his pocket to finish off the first part of the show with “Ella es mi fiesta”, moment in which the audience of the stands rose to dance and sing one of the most known songs from his album “Corazón profundo”.

Caribbean rhythms

An impressive solo of tuba as a rest and return to Caribbean rhythms and also, why not, “reggaetoneros” with the song “Nota de amor”, in which Vives collaborated with the singer Wisin, to make way for “Hoy tengo tiempo” and then delight the spectors with “Fruta Fresca”, in which the singer introduced an indigenous touch with the use of the flute of millet.

At this point Carlos Vives barely has to sing as his audience does for him, with songs like “Nuestro secreto“, “Al filo de tu amor” or “La foto de los dos”, a song “sad of those” for the most nostalgic, in which the musician has asked the attendees to illuminate the venue with their phones.

“This song is ours, of the Colombians and the Venezuelans. We are the same, on one side or the other of the border,” said the musician before singing “La tierra del olvido”, which he sang in duet with Mauricio Rivera and that has awakened even more the mood of the stands and the dance floor, which remained up while sounded “El rock de mi pueblo” and “Volví a nacer”.

Melendi and “El arrepentido”

The Colombian thanked the audience for his energy and left the stage to which he returned a few minutes later to present the surprise of the night, the invitation of Melendi to the concert, which he sang along with Vives “El arrepentido”, a song with the that the king of the vallenato collaborated for Melendi’s album “Ahora”.

“There in his studio he said ‘If you sing you live’ so he remembered me,” joked the singer, who melted into an embrace with the Asturian, a moment that nobody expected in a concert that had more surprises, because before finalizing the Colombian again impressed the audience with a flamenco version of “Robarte un beso”, in which a group of “cantaores” accompanied Vives with their voices and their palms.

How could it be otherwise, the concert ended with the worldwide success of Vives “La bicicleta” and a long applause from the audience, who were singing and dancing all night long.

The Noches del Botánico festival in Madrid was the first stop on a European tour in which the musician will also visit Barcelona on Wednesday and Torrelavega (Cantabria) on Thursday to then travel to other countries in Europe, where the world vallenato ambassador also has followers. (July 25, 2018, EFE/PracticaEspañol)

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El artista invitado, Melendi, al concierto de Carlos Vives en el festival Noches del Botánico.
Las canciones interpretadas por Carlos Vives en el festival Noches del Botánico.
El concierto de Carlos Vives en el festival Noches del Botánico.
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Al tener 56 años es normal tener energía para hacer cualquier cosa.
Tener 56 años implica tener energía para hacer cualquier cosa.
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ha tardado en corear las canciones.
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recoge los éxitos pasados de Vives.
recoge canciones nuevas y otros éxitos anteriores de Vives.
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