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Claros, breves y simples. Más de un centenar de apuntes de gramática para ayudarte a practicar y resolver tus dudas sobre el idioma español.

- Relative clauses -

Relative clauses

The relative clauses introduce information about an element that precedes them and is known as “antecedent” in grammar. The antecedent is found in …

- Augmentatives in Spanish -

Augmentatives in Spanish

The augmentatives are formed in Spanish by adding the suffixes -on, -azo, -ote, -achón, -ejón, -errón, -ónón, -etón and -aton to nouns, adjectives and …

- The ellipisis -

The ellipisis

In grammar, the ellipsis is the omission in the sentence of one or more words that are needed for proper grammatical construction, but not to make it clear the …

- Learn more about Spanish adverbs -

Learn more about Spanish adverbs

Adjectives or adverbs?  Only, this could thinking Emilio M. Martínez Amador, lexicographer that define some adverbs that resemble in adjectives as …

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