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Practica español a través de noticias de la Agencia EFE, una nueva forma de aprender el idioma. Colabora: Instituto Cervantes

- Adjective or adverb? (II) -

Adjective or adverb? (II)

Adjectives and adverbs add information and give detail about other elements of the sentence. Adjectives always describe nouns, while adverbs modify verbs, …

- Spanish prepositions are 23 -

Spanish prepositions are 23

√   Without prepositions,we can’t express correctly the majority of the sentences in which we communicate:   √  We use 23 prepositions:   …

- The articles in Spanish -

The articles in Spanish

The Spanish language is spoken and written with two types of articles that are denominated definite and indefinite (‘el’, ‘la’, …

- Augmentatives in Spanish -

Augmentatives in Spanish

The augmentatives are formed in Spanish by adding the suffixes -on, -azo, -ote, -achón, -ejón, -errón, -ónón, -etón and -aton to nouns, adjectives and …

- The preposition “versus” -

The preposition “versus”

“Versus” is one of 23 Spanish preposition which means “contra” or “frente a”, and whose meaning is “in oposition …

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