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Practica español a través de noticias de la Agencia EFE, una nueva forma de aprender el idioma. Colabora: Instituto Cervantes

- The articles in Spanish -

The articles in Spanish

The Spanish language is spoken and written with two types of articles that are denominated definite and indefinite (‘el’, ‘la’, …

- Definite articles: rules -

Definite articles: rules

√ We reminds some rules to use definite articles:   Masculine Feminine           Neuter Singular El La                       …

- The demonstratives in the Spanish language -

The demonstratives in the Spanish language

You will have to learn demonstratives in Spanish language because these are very important to communicate. The demonstratives indicate that something is: Near …

- Uses of the determiner “cada” -

Uses of the determiner “cada”

  “Cada” is a determiner that doesn’t change the form.   What it is used for? → We use it to mention individually a person, an object or …

- Indefinite articles in Spanish -

Indefinite articles in Spanish

The indefinite articles are used for accompanying the noun when that is unknown or vague: no definite.     Indeterminates  or indefinites articles …

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