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Practica español a través de noticias de la Agencia EFE, una nueva forma de aprender el idioma. Colabora: Instituto Cervantes

- Simple conditional tense -

Simple conditional tense

√  How is it formed? Infinitive + endings of the imperfect of the verb ‘haber’. Imperfect of the verb’haber’ Hab- ía Hab- ías Hab- …

- Irregular conjugations in Spanish -

Irregular conjugations in Spanish

 In Spanish language, we often found verbs whose root changes, in addition to ending according to the tense and the mood.      √ Some verbs only …

- The future tense and its uses in Spanish -

The future tense and its uses in Spanish

Future is what is to come, what will happen, what we will do. Let’s now see how to use imperfect or simple future tense in Spanish, indicative mode, …

- Verbs with two participles -

Verbs with two participles

In the Spanish language, we use three verbs which have two participles, one with a regular form and other with an irregular form:   Imprimir (to imprint) …

- The past tenses in Spanish -

The past tenses in Spanish

Repaso a la formación de los verbos regulares en los tiempos de pasado en indicativo. Contraste entre los diferentes

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