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Practica español a través de noticias de la Agencia EFE, una nueva forma de aprender el idioma. Colabora: Instituto Cervantes

- The Spanish verb “contar” -

The Spanish verb “contar”

The Spaniards use the verb “contar” (to tell, to narrate) for communicate different actions:  Add, enumerate, have, worth, tell,  relate… …

- Defective verbs in Spanish -

Defective verbs in Spanish

The defective verbs are those that do not have a complete conjugation due to the fact that they lack any personal forms or any verbal time. Aquí tienes los …

- The imperative: uses and values -

The imperative: uses and values

The imperative mood in Spanish has many uses and we use it in diferents comunicative functions, as we can see below:   √ To make a plea or request: …

- Subjunctive and indicative  (B1) -

Subjunctive and indicative (B1)

We have revised uses of the subjunctive mood in the following articles: “ Subjunctive: probability and two moments in the time(B1)” …

- Infinitive, gerund and participle -

Infinitive, gerund and participle

→   All infinitives finish in -ar, -er, -ir and they are impersonals: Amar, reír, leer … →   We create the gerunds adding at the end -ndo to the …

- “Gustar” Spanish verb -

“Gustar” Spanish verb

In Spanish language, the verb “gustar” (to like) is used to express likes, desires, dislikes, interests, preferences and feelings.   Uses and values: …

- The present of verbs and uses in Spanish -

The present of verbs and uses in Spanish

The Present Tense in Spanish:              √  We use the present tense in Spanish to express habitual actions:        –Yo como a las …

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