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Practica español a través de noticias de la Agencia EFE, una nueva forma de aprender el idioma. Colabora: Instituto Cervantes

- The imperative: uses and values -

The imperative: uses and values

The imperative mood in Spanish has many uses and we use it in diferents comunicative functions, as we can see below:   √ To make a plea or request: …

- Subjunctive and indicative  (B1) -

Subjunctive and indicative (B1)

We have revised uses of the subjunctive mood in the following articles: “ Subjunctive: probability and two moments in the time(B1)” …

- Infinitive, gerund and participle -

Infinitive, gerund and participle

→   All infinitives finish in -ar, -er, -ir and they are impersonals: Amar, reír, leer … →   We create the gerunds adding at the end -ndo to the …

- “Gustar” Spanish verb -

“Gustar” Spanish verb

In Spanish language, the verb “gustar” (to like) is used to express likes, desires, dislikes, interests, preferences and feelings.   Uses and values: …

- The present of verbs and uses in Spanish -

The present of verbs and uses in Spanish

The Present Tense in Spanish:              √  We use the present tense in Spanish to express habitual actions:        –Yo como a las …

- 4 keys to use Spanish participles -

4 keys to use Spanish participles

En cualquier conversación informal en español escucharéis con frecuencia que algunos hablantes dicen, por ejemplo, "mi hermano se ha marchao", en vez del …

- Verb “Soler”, usually, normally -

Verb “Soler”, usually, normally

Spaniards use many expressions that are built using the verb “soler” followed by the infinitive of another verb: For example: Yo suelo preparar por las …

- How to use verb “doler” (to hurt) -

How to use verb “doler” (to hurt)

Does something hurt? Do not know how to say it? Learn what the verb “doler” means and use it correctly in this post.   What do we use the verb …

- “Recordar” or “acordarse”? -

“Recordar” or “acordarse”?

In English the verb remember express these two meanings. Both of them mean ‘bear something on mind’, but their argument structure, which refers to …

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