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- Farewell to the woman editor of ¡Hola! -

Farewell to the woman editor of ¡Hola!

Madrid / As one of the long-lived-women editors in the world, 99, and 75 of them dedicated to the magazine ¡Hola!, which she founded together with her …

- Zaira Romero (women and work) -

Zaira Romero (women and work)

The voice of the actress Zaira Romero when answering a question from Agencia EFE about the two measures that should be implemented to walk towards equality …

- Pablo Casado (women and salary gap) -

Pablo Casado (women and salary gap)

Madrid / The voice of the president of PP, Pablo Casado, to demand a pact of State to end the salary gap in Spain, in the framework of the celebration this …

- Tornadoes in Alabama -

Tornadoes in Alabama

Washington / At least twenty-two people were killed this Sunday, including minors, and dozens were injured by tornadoes in the state of Alabama, in the United …

- Ronaldinho has a tour -

Ronaldinho has a tour

Rio de Janeiro / Former Brazilian football player Ronaldinho Gaúcho received a tribute on Thursday at the emblematic Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro, …

- Martin Vizcarra (the challenge) -

Martin Vizcarra (the challenge)

The voice of the president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra during his first official visit to Spain, in which he met with the King of Spain and with the Spanish …