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Miguel Poveda pays tribute to Lorca

Miguel Poveda has released his new album, ‘Enlorquecido’, to pay tribute to the most international Spanish poet, Federico García Lorca. Poveda affirmed …


Kany García’s ‘Forever’

Puerto Rican artists Kany Garcia is looking for her proper place in the music business ‘without singing urban music or being lightly dressed’. The …


Emmanuel’s greatest hits

‘Con el alma desnuda: MTV Unplugged’ has been released today in The USA. Mexican singer Emmanuel has gathered all his greatest hits in this new …


“F.A.M.E.”: Maluma’s new album

Eight years ago, a young Juan Luis Londoño appeared for the first time with some song recorded by him. Nowadays, he is a worldwide artist with catchy songs …


El Dasa’s new album

“El Hijo del Desierto” is El Dasa’s new album and it is dedicated to those immigrants who arrive “filled with hope” in The USA to start a new life. …


El Cigala’s dream

Flamenco Singer Diego “El Cigala” confessed to EFE that it would be a dream come true recording a duet with Mexican artist Vicente Fernández. That will be …


Bunbury returns with “Expectativas”

Spanish artist Bunbury has released his new album “Expectativas” in Mexico. The main idea is to describe the tumultuous political and social situation of …


Monsieur Periné is on his third album

Colombian group Monsieur Periné says goodbye his second album “Caja de Música”, which lead them to winning one Grammy Award. Now the band is starting to …


The optimistic side of CNCO

The Latin American group is currently combining their international tour and the release of a new album full of reggaeton with positive lyrics to communicate …

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