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- Pope Francis (solutions) -

Pope Francis (solutions)

You are going to listen to the voice of Pope Francis in a video message to the 109th International Labour Conference calling for a “profound reform of …

- Fito Páez (el relato) -

Fito Páez (el relato)

Vas a escuchar la voz de cantante Fito Páez     Estoy yendo a entrevistas con tías,  algunos familiares, entonces, a medida que voy escuchando …

- Lionel Messi (very strong) -

Lionel Messi (very strong)

The voice of the Argentine football player Lionel Messi when talking about the regularity of Real Madrid, a rival that, in his opinion, will arrive “very …

- Pope Francis (‘it’s said that…’) -

Pope Francis (‘it’s said that…’)

The voice of the Pope Francis talking about the difference between the communicative fact, the story and the objectivity of the expression ‘it is said …

- Diego Simeone (two or three) -

Diego Simeone (two or three)

The voice of the Argentine Diego Simeone, Atletico de Madrid coach, when he was talking about league match tomorrow against Barcelona. Being eight points from …

- Santiago Hernan Solari (the best) -

Santiago Hernan Solari (the best)

The voice of Santiago Hernan Solari, coach of Real Madrid, who defended a classic of Spanish football with his Argentine compatriot Leo Messi on the turf of …

- Santiago Solari -

Santiago Solari

The voice of Real Madrid coach, Santiago Solari, who said “Benzema has rounded up a spectacular match”, after winning Espanyol at the RCDE Stadium. …

- Patricio Pron (love) -

Patricio Pron (love)

The voice of the Argentine writer Patricio Pron, who considers that there was a gap between what is conceived as love today and how it is reflected in the …

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