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- Iván Duque (a path) -

Iván Duque (a path)

You are going to listen to the voice of Colombian President Iván Duque calling for “no more violence” and “a path towards normality” …

- Juan Pablo Escobar (the threats) -

Juan Pablo Escobar (the threats)

The voice of Juan Pablo Escobar, son of the well-known Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar, talking about his life after his father’s death.  Threatened …

- Fernando Botero (the art) -

Fernando Botero (the art)

Fernando Botero’s voice, Colombian painter and sculptor, who thinks about the art on the occasion of the inaugurated exposition in Bilbao in 2012 because …

- Reinaldo Rueda (Copa América) -

Reinaldo Rueda (Copa América)

Reinaldo Rueda, coach of  Ecuadorian national team, told during a press conference that he expected his team to make a good Copa América. He also said that …

- Juanes (peace and art) -

Juanes (peace and art)

The voice of the Colombian singer Juanes, talking about art and, in particular, music as a weapon to build the peace. The singer presented in Madrid in October …

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