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China arrests more than 80 suspected of selling fake covid vaccines

Beijing / China has arrested more than 80 people suspected of being involved in a plot to sell fake vaccines for the covid and whose commercialization would have begun in September of last year.

The state newspaper Global Times reported on Monday that the Chinese authorities also seized 3,000 doses of this false antigen in the operation.

According to the source, the criminal network had a presence in several cities and the raid was carried out jointly by the security forces of Beijing and the eastern Chinese provinces of Jiangsu and Shandong.

The fake vaccines consisted of syringes pre-filled with a saline solution and were sold at high prices.

Quoted by the newspaper, a vaccine expert named Tao Lina assured that “the ‘vaccines’ filled with saline solution have no effect, but they do not cause health problems either, so it is clear that the suspects wanted money, not to harm people”.

Marketing fake vaccines abroad

Other sources cited by the Global Times argued that this network could be involved in the marketing of these fake vaccines abroad.

On January 28, the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, developer of one of the vaccines in the Asian country, published a statement in which it warned that “some companies and individuals have falsified and used Sinovac authorization documents” to try to act as ” distributors of the vaccine for the covid-19 CoronaVac and other vaccination products in markets outside of China ”.

China last year began a series of vaccination campaigns for special cases, such as military or diplomats displaced abroad.

Vaccination campaign in China

Likewise, the health authorities began a campaign weeks ago that aims to immunize up to 50 million Chinese before the arrival of the Year of the Ox, on February 12, since these festivities are accompanied by massive displacements that Beijing fears could serve to spread the virus at a time when there are several active outbreaks.

In fact, the National Health Commission of China announced that 12 of the 30 new cases diagnosed this Monday were caused by local contagion in two northeastern provinces, scenes of several outbreaks in recent weeks.

The total number of active infected people in mainland China is 1,582, of which 72 are serious, according to official statistics, which indicate that to date 89,594 people have been infected in the country, of which 4,636 have perished from covid . (February 2, 2021, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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de unas detenciones que han tenido lugar en China.
de unos ensayos realizados en China para probar la eficacia de una vacuna.
de unos rebrotes de COVID-19 en China.
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En el texto se dice que...
esa red criminal solo estaba vendiendo vacunas falsas en China.
las autoridades todavía no han detenido a ningún sospechoso.
se estaban vendiendo unas vacunas falsas contra la COVID-19.
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esa red criminal solo quería lucrarse vendiendo esas vacunas falsas.
las vacunas falsas contenían un compuesto que es nocivo para el ser humano.
las autoridades aseguraron que esa red criminal pretendía causar problemas de salud a la población.
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Leyendo el texto entendemos que...
aún no ha comenzado ninguna campaña de vacunación en China.
Sinovac no alertó que algunas empresas estaban falsificando documentos de su compañía.
se han registrado varios rebrotes de COVID-19 en unas provincias de China.
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En el vídeo se ve que...
unos agentes están comprobando lo que hay en unas cajas.
unos agentes están destruyendo las vacunas falsas que están guardadas en unas cajas.
unas personas están huyendo de las autoridades chinas.
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