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Chinese government today proposed a pact to the United States and North Korea to curb the recent rise of tensions and avoid a “frontal collision”, in a new attempt by Beijing to position itself as the “stabilizer” of the global scene.


The country’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, suggested this Wednesday that Pyongyang should suspend its weapons tests in exchange for Washington and Seoul to cease their military maneuvers and return to the negotiating table.

“Both sides are two trains that accelerate, go towards each other and no one wants to step in. The question is: are they really prepared for a frontal collision?” Wang said at the only press conference he offers a year, in the framework of the annual plenary of the National People’s Assembly.

China’s priority is to turn on “the red light” and “put a brake” on both trains, said the chancellor, a few days after the last missile test by the regime of Kim Jong-un, with which Japan and the U.S. considered that North Korea has entered a new phase of threat.

Wang criticized both sides: on the one hand, condemning the North Korean tests that “ignored the opposition of the international community” and, on the other hand, the military activities of the U.S. and South Korea, which add pressure to Pyongyang.

Nuclear weapons do not offer security. The use of force will not lead to a solution“, he said.

In the face of U.S. President Donald Trump‘s criticism of Beijing’s unwillingness to stop North Korea, the minister publicly assumed the role of the Asian power: as a neighboring country with a very close relationship with the Korean peninsula, China is indispensable for the resolution of the conflict,” he said.

However, he insisted that the dispute was between Washington and Pyongyang, and, from the role of mediator, considered that the process of denuclearization in the peninsula should be accompanied by the establishment of a peace mechanism.

“The six-party talks deserve another chance. Peace is still within our reach”, he said.

Wang was more combative about the THAAD anti-missile shield on South Korean soil and warned that the system, which the US began installing this week, will end up damaging South Korea itself and other nations.

The THAAD “will make South Korea less secure,” Wang said, reiterating that the powerful radars of that system endanger China’s security interests. Both Beijing and Moscow say the device will not only be used as a defense, but could also be used to obtain intelligence from its military bases.

In spite of having initiated the installation of this shield, today the minister of Foreign Affairs did not speak about USA like a threat.

“There is no reason for China and the U.S. can not become excellent partners”, Wang said after his recent meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at the G20 meeting of foreign ministers in Germany.

 Beijing, March 8, 2017, EFE/Practica Español

Grammar notes: expressing purpose with ‘para’ and ‘para que’,  present tense of the subjunctive mood

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China quiere que haya un acuerdo entre Estados Unidos y Corea del Norte.
China se mantiene al margen del conflicto entre Estados Unidos y Corea del Norte.
China rehúsa mediar entre Estados Unidos y Corea del Norte.
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Corea del Norte prosiga con su plan nuclear.
El conflicto entre EE.UU. y Corea del Norte se agrave.
Se reduzca la hostilidad entre EE.UU. y Corea del Norte.
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Un posible ataque en su país.
Un posible enfrentamiento entre Estados Unidos y Corea del Norte.
La completa desnuclearización de Corea del Norte.
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El enfrentamiento armado para resolver el conflicto.
La diplomacia para resolver este conflicto.
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