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Statements by a woman about the heat in Spain. The heat wave which has affected all of Spain since last Wednesday and has caused at least six deaths, is reducing today due to the entry of fresh air from the Atlantic.

From today, the arrival of fresh air from the Atlantic by the formation of a barometric depression in the upper layers will bring a generalized and gradual temperature drop of between 6 to 8 degrees, which will go from west to east across the Peninsula, according to the spokesman from the State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet), Rubén Del Campo.

The drops starts on Tuesday from the western half and the Cantabrian area and will move east Wednesday to the east, producing “a new descent on Thursday.”

Del Campo has indicated that Friday and Saturday were the hottest days in this episode of heat wave, with temperatures of 45-46 degrees in the province of Cordoba, 46 in Badajoz and more than 46 on Friday at the station of El Granados (Huelva), near the border with Portugal.

Listen MP3 (August 7, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“In relation to temperature? Today? Yes, I work infinitely better than yesterday. Yesterday it was… that you could not breathe. We were drinking water constantly and very bad. And tonight… well, the truth is that with the light rain I have slept very badly, me.”


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Question 1
En el MP3, la mujer está hablando...
de las cosas que hace cuando no tiene calor.
de su trabajo.
del calor que está haciendo en España.
Question 2
Esta mujer dice que...
hoy está trabajando mejor que ayer por el tiempo que hace.
hoy no puede trabajar muy bien porque hace mucho calor.
ayer estuvo trabajando mejor que hoy porque no hacía calor.
Question 3
En el MP3, cuando dice "no se podía ni respirar" quiere decir que...
pudo hacer muchas cosas porque no hizo calor.
las altas temperaturas no fueron un problema para descansar bien.
hizo tanto calor que no se podía descansar ni hacer nada.
Question 4
'Las cuatro gotas que han caído' quiere decir que...
ha llovido un poco.
ha estado lloviendo mucho.
no ha llovido.
Question 5
Esta mujer dice que nunca ha dormido mal por el calor.
No se sabe.
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