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Court’s rejection of Lula’s habeas corpus plea takes him closer to prison

Brasilia / The Supreme Federal Court of Brazil early Thursday ruled six votes to five against a habeas corpus plea that would have permitted former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to avoid imprisonment, after he was earlier sentenced to 12 years for corruption.

Lula had been found guilty by two courts and, according to the case law issued by the top court and reflected in the current vote, the verdict allows for the sentence against him to be executed, which could start within the next few days.

The decision regarding his imprisonment now depends on the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF4), which had extended his prison term by a lower court and extended it to 12 years.

Lula can still seek a review of the drafting of the judgement but not its content.

If the TRF4 accepts the review, Lula would only go to prison once this recourse is analyzed, which could be around the end of April.

The former president’s habeas corpus plea sought to let him avoid imprisonment while additional appeals were pending.

In this regard, Judge Edson Fachin said that such a recourse could be granted to someone whose freedom was threatened by illegality or abuse of power, which was not the case with Lula, as rulings by the top two courts of the country went against him.

With voting tied at 5-5, the deadlock was broken by the chief justice of the top court, Carmen Lucia Antunes, leading to the rejection of Lula’s plea.

Lula had been found guilty of having benefited from corruption in the state-owned oil firm Petrobras.

Lula’s legal team has denied all charges and claimed that he was a victim of political persecution to prevent him from returning to power ahead of the forthcoming elections in October. (April 5, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En la noticia se dice que…
es posible que la Corte Suprema rechace el ‘habeas corpus’ que presentó la defensa de Lula.
la Corte Suprema aún no ha decidido si rechaza o no el ‘habeas de corpus’ de Lula.
el ‘habeas corpus’ presentado por la defensa de Lula ha sido rechazado por la Corte Suprema.
Question 2
Según el texto, hubo unanimidad en la decisión de la Corte Suprema.
Así es.
En absoluto.
¡Imposible saberlo!
Question 3
Según la noticia, Lula…
es casi imposible que Lula ingrese en prisión este mes.
podría evitar ir a la cárcel.
podría ingresar en prisión pronto.
Question 4
La defensa de Lula…
podría solicitar que el TRF4 revise la redacción de su fallo.
descarta que vaya a solicitar la revisión de la redacción de la sentencia.
podría conseguir que el TRF4 haga modificaciones en el contenido de la sentencia.
Question 5
La defensa opina que…
nadie quiere impedir que Lula pueda volver a presentarse a unas elecciones.
Lula está siendo víctima de una persecución política para que no vuelva a gobernar.
es inverosímil que Lula sea víctima de una persecución política.
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