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COVID-19 makes it more difficult to repeat a course in Spain and is exceptional

Madrid / The promotion of the course will be the norm, without this meaning that a general pass will be given because “it would be unfair”, as explained by the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, who has insisted that repetition will be a “measure exceptional ”and that“ no student will lose the course ”on Covid-19.

This is what Celaá said in the press conference in which this Wednesday he explained the agreement reached with the autonomous communities on the end of the 2019-2020 academic year, which he hopes will be ratified tomorrow by the Ministry of Education to “be converted into order ”And to be able to give“ certainty ”to the situation created by the closing of classrooms due to the coronavirus.

“The school year continues”, Celaá insisted, who said that the decision adopted at the Sectorial Conference on Education “does not contemplate the measure of the general approval” and establishes global evaluation measures to “assess progress (…) or delays and the deficit that may have occurred for each of the students ”.

“The third quarter will have to be computed in a positive way,” announced the minister, who has insisted that “it should not be a disadvantage for any student” and has opted to use it to benefit the student and allow him to recover the suspended subjects that have the first two.

She stressed that the repetition of the course will be an “exceptional measure”, which will have to be “solidly argued and accompanied by a precise recovery plan” and will be decided by the teachers, who will also be in charge of determining whether the student can “go to the next course or to Ebau”.

Ebau University entrance exam

At the moment, the Ministry and the communities are working so that the entrance test to the Ebau University is held between June 22 and July 10, but Education is aware that another formula would have to be arbitrated if it cannot be carried out face-to-face, although you have not specified what it would be.

She recalled that in the Sectorial last March 25, it was already decided to change the form of this test “with a more open option than until now” and that the student would be examined on the subjects studied.

The course will end in June, but if sanitary measures allow it, Celaá wants to develop a voluntary training activity and summer reinforcement to serve, mainly, the most vulnerable, combining “knowledge and sports”.

They would be developed within the framework of the Program of Reinforcement, Orientation and Support (PROA) and work would be done jointly with communities, municipalities, councils and other entities to be able to attend to the children who need it most.

The Minister maintains the hope that the educational centers can be reopened at least fifteen days before the end of the 2019-2020 academic year.

“It would seem to us that this measure would be highly valued by families and would be very good for students and teachers, who could connect with students and with their true knowledge, but we are all subject to the evolution of the pandemic,” she said.

The opposition of the Community of Madrid

From the communities, that of Madrid has opposed that the educational administrations be the ones to relax the criteria to promote the course and obtain the corresponding title with subjects suspended at the end of the ESO, FP and Baccalaureate cycles.

The Madrid community considers that the assessment of “the evolution of the student in all the subjects and their maturity” cannot be “left to the edge” of each autonomy, since it corresponds to a state competence.

Andalusia and Extremadura

Andalusia has opted to maintain the course “recognizing the student who has been able to continue advancing the subject in the third quarter, but without harming the person who cannot acquire new knowledge in this period”.

For its part, the Ministry of Education and Employment of Extremadura has highlighted the agreement to organize recovery plans and adaptations of the curriculum and educational activities for the next academic year.

With regard to the university sphere, the General Conference on University Policy (CGPU), which has brought together the Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, with the autonomous leaders of the field has decided that the course will end within the established deadlines and with evaluation.

It will be each center that decides, in the exercise of its autonomy and in coordination with its autonomous Government, the necessary procedures to finish the course in the established terms, including teaching and evaluation.

Each center must communicate its decisions “consulting with the university community as a whole and announcing these procedures as soon as possible to all the teaching, student and labor personnel of each university.” (April 15, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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