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Cuba receives two historical visits: the US President, Barack Obama, from Sunday 20 to Tuesday 22  and the components of the British band The Rolling Stones, on Friday 25.

With the reestablishment diplomatic relations the end of 2014, Cuba and the United States build a new relationship with progress on the diplomatic front and even in the economic, and country ideas in terms of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democracy.

Hence Barack Obama receives 22 day before ending his trip, members of the Cuban dissidents, in a moment in which they denounce repression increased, and not meets with Fidel Castro.

BaracK Obama

Barack Obama is the second President of the United States who travels to Cuba in the last 110 years and the first after the rupture of diplomatic relations with island Cuba in 1961.

The island Cuba has come three days earlier, on the first flight in 50 years of correos postal service between United States and Cuba, a US President letter to Ileana Yarza, a Cuban woman of 76 years.

Woman invited the American President in a letter to taste a cup Cuban coffee at home, in the Vedado, “being a charming President whose smiling conquers hearts”, not be an important person.

The Rolling Stones

The visit of the British The Rolling Stones, with Mick Jagger, will also be a milestone in the history of Cuba, mark a before and an after in the music scene, since it opens the door to other international artists.

Some Cubans, as the expert in rock Juanito Camacho, with a radial space devoted to the genre, never thought that they would have “the opportunity” to see and hear live to these stars.

With concert The Rolling Stones,  free entry, the Cubans will live the biggest music event in decades in a country where foreign rock, not always was seen with good eyes by revolutionary orthodoxy.


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