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Statements by Reinel, a Cuban waiter, about the historic presidential relay in Cuba which will open the era of post-Castroism, an event that arouses excitement but has not managed to alter the daily routine of ordinary Cubans, always more occupied in solving their complicated day to day.

On Wednesday, the Palace of Conventions of Havana welcomes the opening of its IX Legislature and the constitution of the National Assembly of the Popular Power, in a two-day-session in which the Council of State will be designated and a new president who for the first time in six decades he will not carry the surname Castro.

After twelve years in power, 86-year-old Raúl Castro will say goodbye to the presidential chair to fulfill his commitment to limit the political positions to two consecutive terms and to replace a new generation of leaders with the current first vice president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, 57, as favorite to be the successor.

“We are very expectant, we have hope that the change will be for the better,” Reinel, a shy waiter at a restaurant on bustling Neptuno Street, told EFE, where Susana, a young hairdresser on her own, expects the new leaders “do not make the same mistakes as the previous ones and think about the youth. “

The economic situation, housing, transportation and even bureaucracy and corruption appear among the concerns that some Cubans point out when asked about the main needs that the new president should solve.

Listen MP3 (April 18, 2018):

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“We also have many expectations, we do not know… but yes, we believe that what comes is for the best. We hope that whatever the change, it will always be for the good, for the good of Cuba and the Cubans.”


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En el MP3 se está hablando...
de un cambio que habrá en Cuba.
de los cambios que piden los cubanos.
de la vida diaria en Cuba.
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duda de que el cambio sea bueno para el país.
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cree que el cambio solo beneficiará a unos pocos.
está seguro de que el cambio no beneficiará a todos los cubanos.
dice que el pueblo cubano espera que el cambio sea positivo.
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Reinel habla del cambio en la presidencia de Cuba.
No se sabe.
Para nada.
Así es.
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