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The director of the Royal Academy, Darío Villanueva, has assured that he doesn’t see at this moment the “slightest possibility” of reforming anything in the Constitution, “not because there are not things that can be reformed, things much more transcendent than the language”, but because there is no political climate for it.

Thus, Villanueva has opined in an interview with EFE about the request of the Government to the RAE for this institution to conduct a study of the language of the Constitution with the aim of adapting it to an inclusive language for women, as announced by the Minister of Equality and Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo.

“It’s a Constitution written in Spanish, and Spanish has a grammar that is the decantation of centuries of language” that has endowed it with two genres. And as one of the principles common to all Romance languages is the language economy, there is a gender not marked by which the masculine includes the feminine”, Villanueva.

Listen MP3 (July 17, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“I don’t see at this moment the slightest possibility of reforming anything in the Constitution. Not because there are not things that can be reformed, that there are things, and things even more transcendent than language, that is, fundamental issues.”


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Question 1
En el MP3, Darío Villanueva está hablando...
del lenguaje utilizado en textos jurídicos.
de una reforma que se ha hecho en la Constitución española.
de la posibilidad de hacer una reforma de la Constitución española.
Question 2
Según el MP3, el presidente de la RAE...    
piensa que ahora es el mejor momento para reformar la Constitución.
no cree que sea posible hacer ahora una reforma constitucional.
afirma que se debe modificar urgentemente el lenguaje utilizado en la Constitución.
Question 3
Darío Villanueva piensa que no se debe hacer ningún cambio en la Constitución.  
No se sabe.
Question 4
Según Villanueva...    
la Constitución es perfecta y no hay que hacer ningún tipo de reforma.
pronto habrá cambios en relación con el lenguaje utilizado en la Constitución.
hay otras cosas más importantes que se pueden reformar de la Constitución.
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