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“Dequeísmo” or when “de que” should be “que”

“De que” and “dequeísmo”: by its acts or omissions, is possible to listen or to read, and even among the Spaniards, incorrect expressions made up of the preposition “de” and the conjunction “que”: “de que”.

You should never say “es seguro de que”… “pienso de que”…

“Es seguro “de que” se va del Parlamento sin decir nada nuevo”

Is correct this sentence?… Pienso “de que” no lo es… ¿Pienso “de que”?

Uff…It’s difficult “pensar” (to think) “de que”! And It’s easy “pensar que”!

That is, you should never say “seguro de que”.

Of course, at other times “nos acordamos que” when we should say “acordarnos de que”.

For example:

Incorrect= Pienso de que va a nevar

Correct= Pienso que va a nevar

It’s incorrect “piensa (to think) de que”, “cree (to believe) de que”, “decir (to say) de que”…

It’s very common mistake that it’s easy to avoid.

To practice its correct use, the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language proposes the following recommendations http://lema.rae.es/dpd/srv/search?id=vTr05If13D6tGOqCWV

A. Carlos/PracticaEspañol

(Text translated by Sandra Municio)

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