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Diary of a poet newly married, Juan Ramón Jiménez’s favourite book that marked a before and after in Spanish literature, celebrates this year its first hundred years, an onomastic that will focus on its dissemination to reach the largest audience possible.


In an interview with EFE, the director of the Zenobia Juan Ramón Jiménez Foundation, Antonio Ramírez Almansa, emphasizes that in 1917 the Nobel wrote several outstanding works as the complete edition of Platero and I, work of which in 2014 was celebrated the centenary of the first edition, composed of 68 chapters, although, it explains, this one of 1917 “supposes the definitive contribution of the knowledge of Platero in the popular frame of the Spanish Literature”; “Selected Poems” and Spiritual Sonnets.

Nevertheless, these works are “relegated” by the publication of the Diary of a poet newly married, “the favorite book” of the poet, who felt “prouder” and that “wrote at one time and with only minor corrections”, and that he knew,” with a certain premonition “, that with this “would mark a before and after in Spanish literature, because it breaks the literary discourse established up to now.”

Thus, if with Platero and I he introduced “new elements in literature such as the use of color or openness to a poetry that moves away from sadness,” with “Diary …” breaks “the structure of verse , he introduces the concept of free verse and gives the pattern that marks the entire Generation of 27 “, director of the Foundation says.

And this work, the referent where the new generation of the Spanish Silver Age is going to look, supposes “the imprint of a new poetry different in which introduces open free verse and elements of modernity that are going to pass from to be sought in Paris to New York. “

2017,year of the dissemination

To achieve this objective, an “intense and complete” program of activities will be developed throughout this year, which will begin this month with the publication of “Moguer in the Diary“, a special edition which will include between 18 and 22 poems in which Juan Ramón makes reference to his town and that will be given and given to the visitors.

As of this publication, many other activities, courses, symposia, editions, theater, recitals, will be happening until December; many of them will be marked by “a circumstance that has surrounded this event and that comes very well, the 525 anniversary of the” Meeting between two worlds”.

This fact, he says, will have “a fundamental impact” on projects that will have to do with “Juan Ramón Jiménez and Hispano America,” an initiative that frames exhibitions of Latin American authors related to winner of  the Nobel Prize, conferences, talks…

It is proposed a connection with these Hispanic countries as Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba or Puerto Rico with activities directly related to the relationship of the poet with these countries, his works with writers and their presence in that Hispanic America; and like the United States, with initiatives focused on the spaces where he lived as Washington, Maryland and Florida.

In addition, there will be several exhibitions, one dedicated exclusively to Diary of a poet newly married in which “we will contribute everything known and unknown about the work”; and there will also be a section of “Andalusia in the Diary“.

It is an open, ambitious program with the clear objective of achieving the dissemination of this work in a way that can reach everyone in the same dimension as Platero and I already has.

Huelva (Spain), January 2, 2017, EFE/Practica Español

Grammar notes: review of the irregular verbs,use of ‘ya que’

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¿Por qué se considera importante 'Diario de un poeta recién casado'?
Porque es la obra más leída por los poetas de todo el mundo.
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En el 'Diario de una poeta recién casado', Juan Ramón...
Realiza la defensa de un nuevo tipo de rima.
Introduce un nuevo tipo de rima y medida en la poesía.
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¿De dónde era originario Juan Ramón Jiménez?
De la capital de España.
De un pueblo de América Latina.
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