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Duterte orders that Philippine COVID-19 quarantine violators be killed

Manila / The Philippine president ordered Wednesday that law enforcement officials shoot those who violate the strict quarantine imposed to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rodrigo Duterte said during a press conference in Manila that he had ordered police officers to shoot to kill if people did not obey the quarantine imposed in the country.

“I will not hesitate. My orders are to the police and military […] that if there is trouble or the situation arises that people fight and your lives are on the line, shoot them dead. Do you understand?” the president said Wednesday night in a televised speech.

“Dead. Instead of causing trouble, I’ll send you to the grave,” Duterte said the same day about 20 people from the San Roque neighborhood in Manila protested without police authorization to demand official help to overcome the lockdown.

The closure of much of the country, including Manila, and strict quarantine and confinement regulations have prevented millions who subsist day by day in the capital’s poorest neighborhoods from finding a way to earn a living.

Duterte accused left-wing civil groups of instigating the protest.

“Remember, you leftists: You are not the government. Do not go around causing trouble and riots because I will order you detained until this COVID [outbreak ends],” the president said.

Duterte was granted special executive powers from Congress last week to deal with the disease. The law includes a provision of 200 billion pesos ($4 billion) to distribute among 18 million disadvantaged households in the country, where 16 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

However, aid is blocked because the government still produces a “consolidated database” of beneficiaries.

“Just wait for the delivery even if it’s delayed, it will arrive and you will not go hungry. You will not die of hunger,” Duterte said.

Human rights defenders and civil groups denounced the president’s words Thursday, which were quickly spread by social networks, where the hashtag #OustDuterte (expel Duterte) has been trending since Wednesday night.

“We are seriously alarmed that the President’s words will translate to worse and more brutal forms of human rights violations, repression, and State violence in the days to come,” human rights organization Karapatan said.

Student group CEGP said one “cannot expect the people to just remain silent if their stomachs are churning,” adding that the government “cannot clutch unto his fascistic and militaristic schemes because he will not win against a hunger-stricken nation filled with disgust and anger against his incompetent regime.” (April 2., 2020, EFE/PracticaEspañol)

News related in video (March 12, 2020):

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los poderes especiales que ha otorgado el Congreso de Filipinas a Duterte.
lo que dijeron unos defensores de los derechos humanos tras conocer la orden que dio Duterte.
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En el texto se dice que...
se desconoce si hubo alguna protesta en Filipinas.
Duterte amenazó a las personas que causen 'problemas' en el país.
Duterte desmiente que el Ejército vaya a disparar a matar a quienes violen la cuarentena.
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Leyendo el texto entendemos que...
no es cierto que la capital de Filipinas esté cerrada para evitar que se propague el coronavirus.
Duterte descarta que la izquierda esté incitando a la gente a protestar en el país.
millones de filipinos están confinados a causa del coronavirus.
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En el texto se dice que...
unos defensores de los derechos humanos no creen que vaya a haber más represión en Filipinas.
se desmiente que haya personas pasando hambre en Filipinas.
el Congreso otorgó a Duterte poderes especiales para hacer frente a la crisis causada por el coronavirus.
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En el vídeo se dice que...
el presidente de Filipinas todavía no se ha hecho una prueba para saber si tiene o no coronavirus.
no se ha elevado la emergencia sanitaria en Filipinas.
Manila estará cerrada un mes para evitar que haya más contagios por coronavirus.
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