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Egypt’s al-Sisi leads mourners at military funeral for Mubarak

Cairo / Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi led a military funeral held for the country’s long-time ruler Hosni Mubarak, who was deposed during a 2011 uprising.

Al-Sisi was seen leading mourners inside the complex of Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi Mosque on the outskirts of Cairo, according to a live broadcast of the service on the state television.

Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for three decades, died Tuesday in a Cairo hospital at the age of 91.

High-ranking government officials, as well as Mubarak’s two sons, attended the funeral at the mosque, which was inaugurated by al-Sisi in 2015 and named after the man who served as the defense minister during Mubarak’s rule.

Military guns fired salvos in honor of Mubarak, who was known as “the Pharaoh” during his time in office.

Dozens of Mubarak supporters had gathered since morning hours at the mosque complex, wearing black and carrying posters of the former army officer.

The ex-president’s coffin was airlifted by a helicopter to the mosque, which was inaugurated by al-Sisi in 2015 and named after the man who served as the defense minister during Mubarak’s rule.

Egypt has declared three days of mourning for Mubarak’s death, starting on Wednesday.

Mubarak was ousted in 2011 following 18 days of street that rocked the country as part of the Arab Spring uprisings.

In 2017, Mubarak was acquitted of complicity in the killings of protesters in the 2011 revolution after a legal process that started months after his ousting.

He also faced several lawsuits for corruption and was, along with his two sons, convicted of embezzling state money in 2015 that led to a three-year jail term.

Mubarak is entitled to a military funeral for having served as the chief of the country’s air force during the 1973 war against Israel, under an Egyptian law issued in 1979 for the army’s top brass.

In a tribute to Mubarak, the Egyptian presidency sent its condolences to Mubarak’s family, describing him as “one of the leaders and heroes” of the 1973 war. (Februrary 26,2020, EFE/PracticaEspañol)

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lo que ocurrió en Egipto durante la llamada Primavera Árabe.
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no solo estuvieron escoltando el féretro algunos familiares de Mubarak sino también el propio Al Sisi.
aún no se ha confirmado si se realizaron salvas en honor a Hosni Mubarak
Egipto estará de luto durante un par de días.
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Sobre Mubarak se dice que... (About Mubarak, it's said that...)
se desmiente que haya habido casos de corrupción durante su mandato.
estuvo gobernando Egipto durante tres décadas.
nunca fue juzgado por la muerte de unos manifestantes durante la Primavera Árabe.
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una bandera de Egipto fue colocada sobre el féretro.
las autoridades egipcias hicieron algunas declaraciones a la prensa tras finalizar la marcha fúnebre.
se desmiente que haya personas nostálgicas al régimen de Mubarak.
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la Fiscalía no podrá recurrir.
dos hijos de Mubarak no fueron absueltos de los cargos.
Mubarak fue absuelto de todos los cargos.
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