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Emergency in Rio de Janeiro due to the rains

Rio de Janeiro / The heavy rains which fall on Rio de Janeiro since Monday night and continue on Tuesday have left at least a dozen dead, as well as innumerable damages and floods which has in a state of crisis the most emblematic city of Brazil.


Seven of the victims died in the southern area of the Fluminense capital, while the other three were in the western part of the city.

According to the commissioner Valéria Aragão, from the Copacabana police station, on the afternoon of Tuesday, the dead bodies of a grandmother, her granddaughter and a taxi driver were found inside a vehicle which had been buried because of a landslide in the neighbourhood of Botafogo, in the southern part of the city.

The grandmother and the granddaughter were missing and the last news that their relatives had was that both had gotten into a taxi at the exit of the RioSul shopping center, located between the neighbourhood of Botafogo and Copacabana, and the one that the Police was able to locate thanks to the GPS signal.

Also, at dawn of this Tuesday, a landslide caused by the storm in the Babylonian favela, also in the south, caused the death of two women and a man; the collapse devastated several houses, put other houses at risk and left fallen trees and difficult access in the area through the quagmire.

Two other men lost their lives when drowning in the flooded roads of the city and among the victims there is also a man who died when being dragged by the currents of water when falling off the motorcycle and a man of 40 years, who was electrocuted while cleaning the drain of the residence in which he lived.

The currents of water produced by the rains that since the end of the afternoon of Monday fall without stopping on the city have dragged innumerable vehicles, knocked down trees, destroyed roads and infrastructure of the city and caused floods in streets and tunnels of Rio.

The mayor refers to the lack of resources

According to the weather reports, in four hours it rained more than during the last weekend, when the downpours caused the death of 6 people, and the accumulated rain volume in that time was up to 70% higher than expected for all the month of April.

Due to the difficulties for the displacement by the state of the streets and the continuity of the rains, the mayor of the city, Marcelo Crivella, canceled the classes in the municipal schools and universities and asked the citizens to avoid going to the southern part of the city and, if possible, leave their residences.

During a press conference in which he took stock of the situation, the mayor pointed out the lack of budget of the Nation:

“We have thousands of families who live in risk areas. We have 750,000 sewers that need to be cleaned constantly. Now, the resources for it are small. We depend on partnerships with the federal government”, said the mayor.

Also, according to information from the Government of Rio de Janeiro, heavy storms have left at least 1,200 displaced and six injured throughout the state.

In the fluminense capital, the southern zone, where the tourist districts of Ipanema and Copacabana are located, was one of the most affected, along with Barra de Tijuca, Jacarepaguá and other neighborhoods located west of the city.

The “marvelous city”, where some 2,000 cases have been attended by emergencies, is in a state of crisis, the highest in the scale of emergencies. (April 9th, 2019, EFE/Practica Español)

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se desmiente que las lluvias hayan provocado inundaciones en la ciudad.
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