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England adds Balearics Islands to its green list of safe travel destinations

EFE / London.- The British Minister of Transport, Grant Shapps, announced Thursday the inclusion of the Balearic Islands (Spain) in the “green list” of safe destinations that exempts travellers from a ten-day quarantine when returning to England.

As of June 30 at 3.00 GMT, the Balearic Islands, together with Malta, Barbados and other territories, will leave the “amber list”, in which, in addition to the quarantine, travellers are obliged to pay three tests of coronavirus, one before boarding the plane back and two more on arrival in England.

The rest of the Spanish territory, along with Greece, France, Portugal and other European tourist destinations will continue for the moment in “amber”, a classification that is reviewed every three weeks, while the Dominican Republic, Haiti and other countries have been displaced to the “red” list.

However, the territories declared as safe, except Malta, are also under “surveillance” and there is a risk that they will be degraded again, the Ministry of Transport has warned.

Shapps advanced that there are plans to remove the mandatory quarantine for all travellers returning from “amber” destinations if they have already received the full schedule of a coronavirus vaccine, although that measure will not materialize until “later this summer.”

The plan will be implemented in two phases, the minister said in a statement in which he didn’t offer further details on when it will take effect. Vaccinated British residents will be the first to be exempted from quarantine and later followed by other travelers.

He also advanced that the Government “intends to withdraw the recommendation that you shouldn’t travel to amber countries.”

“Next month, more details will be communicated, including the rules that will apply to children and those who cannot be vaccinated, how this plan will be implemented at the borders and the dates on which these changes will take effect,” the note indicates. Of transport.

While the British Government has announced the rules affecting England, where 56 of the 66 million citizens of the United Kingdom reside, the Self-Employed Executives of Scotland and Northern Ireland have also announced a similar list of safe destinations, and a similar list of safe destinations is expected. decision by Wales.


The Jet2 operator welcomed the decision to include several tourist islands as safe destinations: Summer “has become easier with the latest additions to the British Government’s green list,” the company noted on Twitter.

The executive director of the British Airport Operators Association, Karen Dee, welcomed the extension of the green list, but lamented that the decision is too narrow to represent “the significant resumption that the aviation industry needs”.

Despite everything, she celebrated the plans to exempt vaccinated travelers from quarantine and urged the Government to implement this measure “as soon as possible to save what remains of the summer season.”

In this field, the CEO of Heathrow, the main British airport, John Holland-Kaye, also spoke: “It is very positive news that the ministers are paying attention to science and that fully vaccinated people are going to be allowed to travel in such a way. safe without quarantine later this summer,” he said. (June 25, 2021, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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Question 1
En general, el texto habla...  
de la opinión del sector turístico en Reino Unido tras conocer unas medidas del Gobierno británico.
del tiempo que tiene que estar una persona en cuarentena si viaja al Reino Unido. 
de los destinos turísticos que pasarán a la lista de zonas seguras de COVID-19 para Inglaterra.
Question 2
En el texto se dice que...  
Inglaterra anunció que tanto las islas Baleares como Malta se mantendrán en la lista ámbar.
ninguna isla española estará en esa lista verde.
tanto las islas Baleares como Malta dejarán la semana que viene de estar en la lista ámbar.
Question 3
Según el texto...
todos los viajeros tendrán que estar en cuarentena, aunque vengan de un destino de la lista verde.
se desmiente que los viajeros procedentes de un destino de la lista ámbar tengan que estar en cuarentena.
ya no será necesario que los viajeros estén en cuarentena tras volver de un destino que está en la lista verde.
Question 4
Leyendo el texto entendemos que...
las islas Baleares son los únicos destinos de España que pasarán pronto a esa lista verde.
Inglaterra desmintió que un destino que está en la lista verde pueda dejar de estarlo en un futuro.
actualmente, todo el territorio español ya está en esa lista verde de destinos seguros de COVID-19.
Question 5
Según el texto...  
el sector turístico aplaudió esa decisión de ampliar la lista de verde de destinos seguros.
todo el sector turístico está en contra de esa decisión del Gobierno británico.
Shapps desmintió que vaya a eliminarse la cuarentena a los viajeros que ya estén totalemente vacunados.
Question 6
En el vídeo se dice: "otros destinos europeos continuarán". Otra forma de expresarlo es...      
"otros destinos de Europa comenzarán".
"otros destinos de Europa seguirán".
"otros destinos europeos saldrán".
Question 7
En el vídeo la expresión "con todo" significa...    
de esta forma.
sin embargo.
Question 8
En el vídeo se afirma que "existe el ________ de que __________  _____________ degradados".      
riesgo, vuelven, hacer
riego, vuelven, ser
riesgo, vuelvan, a ser
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