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16 phrases to know everything we can say with the mode word

To know the meaning of the locutions with the ‘modo’ word is another of the challenges that you will face in your journey through the Spanish language. You will learn, for example, that it is not the same “de todos los modos” (in any case ) as “todos los modos de” (all ways of ) and, as Fundeu said, that it is not the same “de cualquier modo” (in any way) that “en cierto modo” (in a way),  as well as the Latin expression ‘grosso modo’ (broadly speaking) must be used without the ‘a’ preposition to the front. Of course, you have to know that sometimes ‘igual’ (equal) is replaced by ‘del mismo modo’ (in the same way) or  when we speak of ‘modos’ we do not only speak of the conjugation mood of the verbs, subjunctive or indicative, but also of ‘modales’ (manners, signs of good or bad education, according to the RAE). In this post you will find 16 practical phrases with the different uses we give to the word ‘modo’:

Es el modo más sencillo de hacerlo (this is the simple way to do it).


Lo dijo a modo de ejemplo (he said it by way of example).


Va vestido de cualquier modo (he is dressed carelessly).

De cualquier modo tengo que ir a trabajar y… (anyway, I have to go to work and…).


Es tarde, de modo que me voy a dormir (it’s late so I’m going to sleep)


En cierto modo, Juan y Pedro se parecen mucho (in a way, Juan and Pedro look alike)


¡De ningún modo he querido ofenderte! (I have not wanted to offend you in any way!).

Me escribes de todos modos (You write me anyway) 

De modo y manera que esto es lo que hay (way and way, this is it). 


Voy a hacerlo a mi modo (I want to do it as I see). 

En modo alguno (In any way).


 Lo han explicado “grosso modo” (They have explained it grosso modo)



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