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It is the first news agency in Spanish and the fourth in the world raking. Its 78 years in the business are a guarantee enough of impartiality, credibility and immediacy. Now it is starting its new road to the future facing the new digital era and important technological challenges.

This multimedia newsletter company has a worldwide journalist network with more than 3,000 professional from 60 different nationalities. From four editing headquarters in Madrid, Bogotá, Cairo (Arabic) and Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese), those journalist work 24 hours from 180 different cities in 120 countries just to offer their information in the five continents.

The Agencia EFE is a public company which is owned by the “National Society of Industrial Participation” (SEPI in Spanish). It is a public entity by law whose activities are bound to the private legal system. Therefore, it is attached to the Spanish Ministry of Finance and with a complete dependency of the Finance Minister.

EFE distributes almost 3 million of news every year thanks to different means: texts, photography, sound recording, video recording and multimedia information, which are sent to more than 2 thousand media platform around the world.

From its worldwide net of delegations and correspondents, this news agency offers immediate information in several versions: Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Arabic, Catalan and Galician.

In Spain, there are 17 delegations – each by region – apart from one in Ceuta and in Melilla, and some small offices in other Spanish cities.

More than the 40 per cent of the international information published in Latin America comes from EFE.

EFE’s graphic file has around 15 million of photographs – among those, 12 million are documents on grass plate, negatives and slides. The other 3 million are already digitalized being one of the largest photographic libraries in the world which can be looked up on the internet. And it keeps enlarging by adding new photos every day.

Its text library (EFE Data) is considered the largest data base of journalistic information, including biographies and documents in Spanish. It also includes historic documents in Portuguese, Arabic, English and Catalan. A library composed by more than 11 million of files that it will soon have a Latin American and business version. (EFE Data América and EFE Data Empresas)

The video library has 15,000 recordings with documents from 1989. EFE and BBVA bank sponsor the Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu) since 2005. This institution helps the Spanish media to use properly the Spanish language when writing.

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