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Miguel Poveda pays tribute to Lorca

Miguel Poveda has released his new album, ‘Enlorquecido’, to pay tribute to the most international Spanish poet, Federico García Lorca. Poveda affirmed that ‘it would be fantastic if the poet remains were found – which are missing since 1936 – thought it’s not difficult to find Lorca if you really want because he is like a religion.’

Poveda spoke about this in the press conference of EFE celebrated in Madrid. He mentioned the poet by his first name because the main intention of doing this album was getting close to the writer. Poveda describes the process of creating as a ‘dialogue between the both of’ them where he even asked Lorca for some signs, ‘just in case something wasn’t of Lorca’s liking’. ‘Well, I received some signs’, explained the singer laughing.

Madrid, 17th May 2018, EFE/PracticaEspañol

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La noticia trata sobre...
un disco sobre la vida de Lorca
un disco para promocionar la figura de Lorca
un disco basado en una parte de la vida de Lorca
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La intención principal de Poveda es...
trasmitir la importancia de Lorca a las nuevas generaciones.
mantener vivo el recuerdo de Lorca
mandar un mensaje educativo a las nuevas generaciones
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¿Cómo ha trasmitido el cantante la obra de Lorca?
A través de su entendimiento de los poemas de Lorca
A través de cartas y familiares de Lorca
A través de novelas sobre la vida de Lorca
Question 4
Poveda afirma que comparte con Lorca...
el lugar de nacimiento
la educación recibida
la diversidad en sus estilos artísticos
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el estilo musical de su padre
la musica tradicional andaluza
el estilo musical de su madre
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