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In 2018, to forest cover us or to do ‘shinrin-yoku’

Near of two millions people practice ‘shinrin-yoku’ in Japan or the bath of forest, also trekking, as therapy activity recommended by the japanese preventative medicine from 1982.

Now this activity is starting to practice in countries as Korea South Korea, United States, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain.

To be in contact with the nature can to mitigate stress, anxiety, and insomnia , improve the inmune system, to reduce blood pressure and fight against depressive states, according to a study of I-DKV.

Forest baths consist of walking through a forest in a relaxed and silent way and immersing yourself in the natural environment, perceiving it with our attentive senses “, explains to EFE, Marta Pahissa, one of the authors of the report.

In addition, green spaces can play an important role in the prevention of some diseases.

To be exposed regularly to natural environments, reduces morbidity (the number of people who fall ill) and mortality (those who die) in a certain place and time.

The “shinrin-yoku” has been promoted in Japan since 1982 and is prescribed in Japanese health consultations along with recommendations for a balanced diet or regular physical exercise.

Some companies offer their workers sessions of “shinrin-yoku” as a method to combat the high levels of stress and competitiveness to which they are subjected.




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La noticia habla de...
los medicamentos de la naturaleza japonesa.
la naturaleza como medicina en Japón.
los bosques medicinales de Japón.
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Dice la noticia que el 'shirin-yoku' es...
una bañera en el bosque.
un baño de realidad.
un baño de bosques.
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Según el texto de la noticia...
los médicos japoneses practican senderismo por el bosque.
los médicos japoneses recetan paseos por el bosque.
los médicos japoneses han descubierto el 'shinrin-Yoku'
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Según el texto, se practica 'shinrin-Yoku'...
ocultando el móvil en el bosque.
perdiéndose en el bosque.
caminando en silencio por el bosque.
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