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Segovia / The expulsion of the Jews and the Court of the Holy Office (Inquisition) were two of the decisions of Queen Isabel of Castile (1451-1504) that encouraged the beginning of the black legend against the Spanish monarchy, a responsibility of which she has been exonerated by the British writer Giles Tremlett.

“The Inquisition killed fewer people than the ‘witch hunt’ in the Protestant world,” says this writer, journalist and collaborator in Spain of The Guardian newspaper and now author of “Isabel la Católica” (Debate), a biography about ” the first great queen of Europe “, in an interview with the EFE Agency.

The black legend “was not the English but the Dutch and Italians, envious as they were of the successes of Spain, but then put it on a tray at England,” Tremlett has qualified (Lynmouth, United Kingdom, 1962), but the attempt of discredit of everything Hispanic “falls under its own weight”, he said.

Spain adds quite some time after a this practice, the defenestration of the Hebrews, which had already begun time long ago in Europe, abounded the author of “Spain before their ghosts” (2007) and “Catalina de Aragón” (2010).

A biography in English and Spanish

Tremllet, he live for twenty years in Spain, halfway between Barcelona and Madrid, where he currently resides, has writter the biography of the Queen “for the Anglo-Saxon public in English with the title of “Isabel of Castile” and for the edition in Spanish  the title is “Isabel la Católica” with the translation of Jordi Ainaud i Escudero.

“I have not tried to make a judgment of a fifteenth-century figure according on today’s values ​​because it would be silly, I wanted to approach the character and explain it in the world he lives in,” he clarified about what he considers “the first great queen of Europe: never before has anyone accumulated so much power and caused so much impact in history, and more as a woman “, said.

Forty-six chapters structure this vital itinerary of the Spanish sovereign, proclaimed queen of Castile on December 13, 1476 in the atrium of the church of San Miguel, in the city of Segovia, where Tremlett presented his book. (November 25, 2017, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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La noticia escrita habla sobre...
Castilla en tiempos de Isabel La Católica.
la Leyenda Negra de la reina de Castilla.
el reinado de Isabel de Castilla según un periodista británico.
Question 2
El escritor sostiene que la caza de brujas del mundo protestante...
fue menos cruenta que la Inquisición española.
fue bastante peor que la Inquisición.
fue similar a la caza de brujas de la Inquisición.
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Según el escritor, la leyenda negra sobre  el reinado de Isabel de Castilla...
es un capítulo realmente negro.
tuvo su origen en las envidias hacia la monarquía española por sus éxitos.
es un tema controvertido sobre el que aún se escribirá mucho.
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El vídeo muestra imágenes del...
del Breviario de Isabel La Católica.
nuevo libro de Giles Tremlett.
de una réplica del Breviario de Isabel La Católica.
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El breviario original de Isabel La Católica está en...
Biblioteca Nacional de España.
Monasterio Santa María La Real de las Huelgas (Burgos, España)
Biblioteca Británica de Londres.
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