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In 1911, Matisse bought a glass of green glass in Spain, which he then painted in two of his paintings, as well as he painted a Venetian chair or a pot for making chocolate. Matisse was not seduced by valuable materials but objects that moved or surprised him. And many ended up portrayed in their works.

From August 5 to November 12, the Royal Academy of Arts in London shows “Matisse, in the studio”, the first exhibition in Europe of the artist’s personal objects (1869-1954), with 35 pieces and 65 paintings , sculptures or drawings.

The Venetian style chair “captivated Matisse” by its peculiar shape, with a silver shell and a kind of dolphins as armrests. Matisse said it was the object she had been looking for the most years, but then she painted it in his works with a different image to the real one, said Ann Dumas, curator of the exhibition. The chocolate pot was a wedding gift.

The exhibition also contains the collection of African sculptures, which the Fauviste artist offered a new perspective to portray the human figure, mainly the female nude.

The room devoted to portraits investigates how the French painter transmitted through his creations, ideas and traditions without resorting to physical resemblance.

The most striking is “Marguerite”, a picture that represents her daughter and is one of the few works of the exhibition that do not belong to the artist, since it was a present for the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso.

The exhibition concludes with Matisse’s works on the simplification of language and signs, including a black and gold picture with Chinese characters, which can be seen in some of the photographs in which he appears in his studio (August 2, 2017) , EFE / PracticaEspañol).

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