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Madrid/ Pablo Casado Blanco (Palencia, 1981) is the new president of the PP and the future candidate of this political formation to the presidency of the Government to have obtained the vote of 57% of the popular electors in the XIX Extraordinary Congress of the PP to succeed the former president Mariano Rajoy.

Pablo Casado won the former vice-president of the Government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, by 1,701 votes against 1,250 in the first process of double-return primary celebrated by this party in its history.

The list of Pablo Casado also triumphed in the election of members of the National Board of Directors with 1,689 votes against 1,251 obtained by the candidacy of Sáenz de Santamaría.

At his 37 years, Pablo Casado becomes the youngest president of his party and also the youngest of the heads of the four major Spanish parties.

He is one year younger than the president of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera (38), two less than Pablo Iglesias (39), general secretary of Podemos, and nine less than the president of the Government and general secretary of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez.

Like them, he is father, a graduate and has completed higher education in institutions abroad.

After achieving the victory, Pablo Casado said that the PP “has returned” stronger and more united than ever to win the elections, govern in different instituions, and continue to transform Spain that now needs them “more than ever”.

In a brief speech, after being proclaimed new leader of the Spanish populars, he sent an internal message to the militants of the PP to reiterate, as he did in the primary process, that with this election “no one has lost, only the PP has won”, with mentions to the integration to “keep rowing in the same direction.”

As the new leader of the party he has also made a promise: “I will not disappoint you”.

In this new stage, Casado will have the legacy of “all the ex-presidents” to try to recover voters and prepare a winning project for the next elections, both regional, municipal and European, as general.

Among its political proposals is to “reinforce” the Penal Code to avoid any secessionist challenge, an electoral modification to govern the most voted list in a double round and with a bonus to the winning party, without needing to modify the Constitution.

His decalogue includes a suppresion of taxes “that are not fair”, such as patrimony or heritance, the reduction of the tax of companies and IRPF, as well as a commitment to education to prevent the new Government from going “against the freedom of choice” of the parents.

He also comtemplates a commitment to “the family, rhe birth and the conciliation”, and to a health service that does not include “party confrontation or invoices in the drawer”, apart from the objective of reinforcing the role of Spain at the international and its leadership in the face of the new industrial revolution. (July, 21, 2018, EFE/PracticaEspañol.)

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Question 1
El texto trata sobre...
El programa de Casado que incluye el compromiso con la familia, la natalidad y la conciliación.
Las características de Casado en referencia al resto de responsables de los principales partidos españoles.
La victoria de Casado que lo convierte en el presidente del PP y sus objetivos políticos.
Question 2
El proceso de primarias del PP es...
el cuarto de su historia como partido.
muy habitual en este partido.
el primero de su historia como partido.
Question 3
Pablo Casado ha cursado estudios fuera de España.
Todavía no.
Question 4
Un sinónimo de la palabra "reiterar" en el texto es...
todas las propuestas.
Question 5
Una de las propuestas del nuevo presidente del PP es...
reducir el impuesto de sociedades.
un aumento del IRPF.
suprimir los impuestos justos.
Question 6
Según el vídeo, Casado apostará por la integración.
No se cita.
Question 7
El modo en el que se hará la integración...
todavía no ha sido planificado.
No habrá integración.
ya está planificado.
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