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Today Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, has ensured that Spanish economy is at the same level it was before the economic crisis. This has been thanks to some reforms that have made Spanish economy “more competitive, flexible and durable”.

In this press conference done to evaluate last year’s government work, Rajoy has underlined that “Spain is in its fourth consecutive year of growth” which is “fantastic” for employment.

He has mentioned the GDP data published by the Spanish Statistical Office in which it is shown a 0,9 per cent growth during the second trimester of the year in relation to the previous three months. These are “excellent numbers” that could mean “a 3 per cent rise in the whole year” as the Government had foreseen.

“We keep on growing ahead the rest of Europe”, said the Prime Minister. He has also affirmed that this evolution is compatible with creating new jobs and a good behaviour of the foreign trades.

Rajoy has added that the economic growth means “more employment”. Thus, Spain has recovered almost 1,9 million workers lost during the economic crisis which put the country very close to the 20-million-worker goal “even before 2020”.

Reducing unemployment

Rajoy has highlighted what the Spanish Statistical Office published yesterday. In that document, it is shown how there are 340,000 fewer unemployed during the second trimester of the year – almost 3.785 fewer unemployed every day – becoming “the best of Spanish employment history”.

While unemployment has been reduced – with near 660,000 fewer people unemployed – the employment data is rising sharply by creating 375,000 jobs, more than 4,000 per day.

Despite the fact that youth unemployment rate is still high, the Prime Minister has underlined that it has decreased in 100,000 fewer youngster. Furthermore, unemployment rate has been reduced a 40 per cent for the first time since 2009.

All of that have been possible thanks to a 12-per-cent increase of the youth employment.

Moreover, Rajoy has talked about long-term unemployment, which has been reduced during last year. It is related to people who lost their jobs more than a year ago and this is good news for many Spanish families.

In relation to Social Security System, more than a 30 per cent of jobs has been created during last year.

Foreign trades

The economy related to the foreign trades has been also a surprise this year due to “a wider competitiveness of exportations”.

Thanks to that, goods and services exportations is currently the 33 per cent of the GDP, which could reach the 35 per cent in two years, said the Prime Minister.

“This positive data must encourage us to keep working” as well as restraining Spanish risk premium, increasing private purchase, investing, the “dynamism” of the industrial sector and the recuperation of the building sector.

Rajoy sees these indicators as “a guarantee to fulfil all our estimations” and it is a sign to continue with the same politic measures of last years which are the tax-strengthening commitment and the building sector recuperation.

Spanish Prime Minister believes that he will be able to obtain the approval for the 2018 government budgets by speaking other political parties. Those budgets are the key to get out of the excessive deficit expected next year.

Madrid, 28th July 2017, EFE/PracticaEspañol

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Rajoy dice que el éxito de la economía española se debe a ___________
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refuerzos empleados
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¿Qué ha declarado el presidente en su intervención?
Una subida de la economía gracias a los impuestos
La existencia de un aumento en la economía en relación a meses anteriores
Una bajada del crecimiento económico anual
Question 3
En cuanto al desempleo, Rajoy ha asegurado que __________
su número ha descendido considerablemente
hay más jóvenes desempleados que antes
la tasa de desempleo es la más alta de la historia
Question 4
Otro sector que está mejorando, según Rajoy, es el exterior debido a ________
unas mayores medidas de exportación
un aumento competitivo con sus exportaciones
unas mejoras en las regulaciones
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Rajoy asegura que es imprescincible _________ para sus presupuestos de 2018.
el consenso de sus filas políticas
el beneplácito de las urnas
el acuerdo con la oposición
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