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Madrid / Vox party, which exercises the popular accusation in the procedure opened in the Supreme Court by the Catalan “procés” towards independence, has announced a lawsuit against the president-elect of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, for crimes of hate, cover-up and conspiracy for rebellion.

The lawsuit, which seeks the disqualification of Torra and the withdrawal of his passport, links the accusations to both the “xenophobic” and “coup” public demonstrations of the president-elect and his “homage” to his predecessor Carles Puigdemont.

“From his own investiture speech Torra has agreed to carry out the coup aims on October 1 for the proclamation of an independent republic in Catalonia, thus violating the principles of the rule of law and seriously injuring the unity of Spain,” he explained. Javier Ortega, Vox’s spokesman, regarding the crime of conspiracy for the rebellion.

Listen MP3 (May 17, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“The trip of Quim Torra to Germany and his last statements saying that he intends to initiate a constituent process and to restore the fugitive and coup leader Puigdemont at the head of the Generalitat put Spain in a situation of genuine exception and these assume, from our point of view, a reactivation of the coup d’etat.”


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Question 1
Santiago Abascal está hablando...  
del presidente electo de Cataluña.
de la trayectoria política de un político.
de un miembro de su partido político.
Question 2
Según el MP3, Abascal...  
afirma que Quim Torra no quiere restituir a Puigdemont en la Generalitat.
dice que Quim Torra no ha hecho nada malo.
valora de forma negativa las acciones de Quim Torra.
Question 3
En el MP3 se dice que Abascal...  
considera que Torra quiere volver a activar el golpe de Estado.
piensa que Torra va a intentar llevar a Puigdemont a los tribunales.
considera que Torra no va a hacer nada ilegal.
Question 4
Abascal llama 'prófugo' a Puigdemont...  
porque está en prisión.
porque no huye de la justicia.
porque está huyendo de la justicia.
Question 5
En el MP3 se utiliza la palabra 'golpista'...  
para hablar de una persona que no hace nada.
para hablar de una persona que da un golpe de Estado.
para hablar de una persona que se ha dado un golpe.
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