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Extremist massacre hits polarized Peruvian electoral campaign

By Alvaro Mellizo / Lima / A brutal extremist massacre reportedly caused by remnants of Peru’s Shining Path rebels in a remote jungle region marred the country’s electoral campaign and brought to mind the political violence of decades past.

Sources from the Joint Command of the Armed Forces confirmed the death of 14 people including two minors whose bodies had been burned, in a remote town in the jungle Valley of the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro rivers.

This area is notorious for cocaine cultivation and production in the country, a region where government presence is very weak.

The massacre, which left crude images that have spread like wildfire on social networks, took place in a makeshift premises used as a bar and brothel by the local population, mostly dedicated to the cultivation of coca leaf.

The Armed Forces said the attack was what extremists call “social cleansing,” as a pamphlet supposedly left by the perpetrators at the scene claimed the need to clean Peru of “brothels, idols, degenerate homosexuals and lesbians, drug addicts, undisciplined individuals …”

The document, published on social media by Keiko Fujimori’s presidential campaign aide Fernando Rospigliosi, tells Peruvians not to vote in the upcoming Jun. 6 elections.

It also called those who vote for the right-wing candidate “traitors.”

Remnants of the Shining Path militia, who remain in the area as bodyguards and drug trafficking partners, allegedly told the owners of the premises to leave the place and attacked when they refused.

Attacks by the Shining Path have become common during Peru’s electoral periods. However, on this occasion, with the presidency being disputed between Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori following a highly polarized campaign, they take on special relevance.

Throughout Fujimori’s campaign, various related media tried to link Castillo and his party, Peru Libre, with the extremist group.

Several parliamentarians elected by the extreme left organization have been taken to court for their alleged links with the group and one of them, Guillermo Bermejo, is about to be tried for it.

Castillo has said he rejects extremism and that he belonged to the peasant rounds, the rural militia that successfully fought the extremist group during the toughest years of the Peruvian internal conflict (1980-2000.) This left more than 69,000 dead, according to the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The candidate was one of the first to reject the attack as soon as he heard the news and asked for the respect for the victims and called on those responsible to be made accountable. (May 24, 2021,EFE)

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En general, el texto habla de...
los candidatos a las elecciones presidenciales de Perú.
cómo está siendo la campaña electoral en Perú.
lo que ha sucedido antes de que se celebren las elecciones presidenciales en Perú.
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En el texto se dice que...
las autoridades peruanas evitaron que se produjera una masacre en una zona remota de Perú.
más de una decena de personas murieron en una masacre que tuvo lugar en una zona remota de Perú.
se descarta por completo que Sendero Luminoso pueda estar detrás de la masacre que ha habido en una zona de Perú.
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Según el texto...
se desmiente que esa masacre se produjera en una zona donde se cultiva una droga.
no es la primera vez que ocurre algo así cuando se van a celebrar elecciones presidenciales en Perú.
hasta ahora no se había producido algo así en Perú.
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Leyendo el texto entendemos que...
se desmiente que haya habido polémica en las redes sociales a causa de esa masacre.
hay quienes tratan de vincular ese grupo terrorista con uno de los candidatos a la Presidencia de Perú.
por ahora, ninguno de los candidatos ha condenado lo ocurrido.
Question 5
Según el vídeo...
solo un 10% de los trabajadores peruanos no tiene contrato.
la corrupción ha dejado de ser un problema en Perú.
la pobreza ha crecido de forma alarmante en el país.
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En el vídeo se dice que...
el calentamiento del planeta no es una amenaza para los glaciares de Perú.
Perú es un país muy vulnerable al cambio climático.
el narcotráfico ha dejado de ser un problema en Perú.
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"Remoto" significa...
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En el texto, "andino" se refiere a...
un andén.
alguien que anda mucho.
los Andes.
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futuro simple del indicativo del verbo abandonar.
pretérito imperfecto del subjuntivo del verbo abandonar.
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