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Felipe Reyes, captain of Real Madrid, greatly value the title of Euroleague won in Belgrade by his team, taking into account the injuries that have punished them throughout the season.

“I am very happy to get my second Euroleague title and the tenth European Cup for the club. Especially for what happened this year, for all that we have suffered and all the injuries that have happened. The important thing is that at the key moment we were all well and we have been able to contribute our bit”, he said.

“The injuries have made us stronger and they have made us arrive at this moment as we have arrived, like motorcycles,” he said during the visit of the staff to the City Council and the headquarters of the Community of Madrid.

He was also grateful to the supporters for the support they have received throughout the course: “We have an incredible fans. Much of the success we owe to them, because they have been there in good times and bad times. “

Listen MP3 (May 21, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“Among all of us we have made this season unforgettable and that we are here with the tenth, with our second European Cup, Euroleague for many of us, the first for others. And nothing, that we are going to do everything possible to return in a few days here and bring you the ACB League.”

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Felipe Reyes está hablando...  
de toda su carrera deportiva.
de lo que quiere hacer cuando acabe la Liga ACB.
de un título que ha ganado con su equipo.
Question 2
Según el MP3, Reyes...    
valora el trabajo en equipo realizado para ganar la Euroliga.
no cree que el trabajo en equipo esté relacionado con esta victoria.
piensa que han ganado la Euroliga gracias un par de jugadores.
Question 3
Felipe Reyes afirma que...    
esta no es la primera Euroliga que algunos de ellos han ganado.
esta es la primera vez que todos ellos ganan la Euroliga.
todos sus compañeros ya habían ganado una Euroliga.
Question 4
Según el MP3, Reyes...
espera que su equipo consiga ganar la Liga ACB.
no cree que su equipo pueda ganar la Liga ACB.
sabe que su equipo ganará la Liga ACB.
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