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Felipe VI considers Spanish language a inmense value asset

King Felipe VI considered in his proclamation speech that Castilian language is "an asset of immense value that must be promote with determination and generosity"

 In his address to a joint session of Congress and the Senate in the Palacio de las Cortes to proclaim the new Rey, don Felipe stressed that Spanish American countries “we join the story and intense bonds of affection and brotherhood” “.

In recent decades, he noted, also joined us economic interests growing and ever closer views about of the global . “But above all, we unites our language and shared culture,” he stressed.

In his words, Felipe VI also referred to the traditions and cultures that have historically lived in Spain “which continuously all their people have been enriched.

And that addition, “that interrelationship between cultures and traditions has its best expression in the concert of languages. Along with Castilian, official language of the State, the other languages of Spain are a common heritage which, as established in the Constitution, must be the object of special respect and protection”.

The languages, said don Felipe, are natural routes of access to the knowledge of the people and at the same time bridges for dialogue of all Spanish “like this they have considered and have required unequalled writers such as Antonio Machado, Espriu, Aresti and Castelao.

Madrid, 19 junio 2014, EFE/PracticaEspañol

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