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San Antonio / Felipe VI left yesterday in San Antonio (Texas) along with Queen Letizia, expressing beforehand his confidence that the United States will know how to “care for and enrich the historical wealth” represented by the Spanish language.

The United States is the second country with the most Spanish speakers in the world behind Mexico and the King of Spain encouraged him to facilitate its expansion:

We trust the United States, as the second Spanish-speaking nation in the world, and perhaps very soon the first, will be able to care for and enrich this historical wealth and this historic opportunity too”, he said.

The King intervened in the VI Convention of Hispanic Leaders of the United States, organized by Fundación Carolina at a hotel in San Antonio, where he was accompanied by the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell.

Mr. Felipe recalled Spanish is the mother tongue in much of America, “symbol and tool of its cultural power” and its progressive thrust in areas such as communication and business is “a fact contrasted.”

“As Spaniards and Hispanic Americans, we are proud of their geographical and social expansion, as well as the growing international prestige of bilingualism as an advantage,” said Felipe de Borbón.

On Tuesday, the Spanish King meets with Donald Trump, one of whose first decisions was to withdraw the Spanish version of the White House website.

Felipe VI stressed that relations between Spain and the US have been marked in history by “friendship and mutual trust” and recalled that the Spanish founded cities such as San Agustin de la Florida or San Antonio, which this year celebrates its tercentenary.

In his opinion, “the robust Hispanic footprint not only survives, but manifests itself with determination and pride”, both in the city of Texas, and throughout the US, where 59 million Hispanics live, almost double that twenty years ago.

To the American Hispanic leaders, he also made them see that Latin America is “one of the regions of the world that brings together a greater number of democracies, which configures a space that is guided by the defense of fundamental rights, respect for the law and social cohesion.” (June 19, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

News related in video (June 15, 2018):


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Question 1
En la noticia se dice que...  
preguntaron a Felipe VI sobre el idioma español cuando llegó a una ciudad estadounidense.
Felipe VI evitó hablar del idioma español en su viaje a EE.UU.
Felipe VI estuvo hablando del idioma español en una ciudad estadounidense.
Question 2
En su discurso, Felipe VI...    
piensa que EE.UU. puede ser capaz de hacer más rico el idioma español.
no cree que el idioma español sea importante en los Estados Unidos.
se mostró preocupado por el uso del idioma español en EE.UU.
Question 3
En la noticia se dice que...  
la  gente utiliza cada vez menos el idioma español para comunicarse.
no se sabe si el idioma español continúa llegando a más lugares del mundo.
el idioma español se está expandiendo por el mundo.
Question 4
En el texto se dice que Estados Unidos...  
será muy pronto el segundo país con más hispanohablantes del mundo.
podría ser el país con más hispanohablantes del mundo.
ya es el primer país donde viven más hispanohablantes.
Question 5
Felipe VI se reunirá...  
con varios expresidentes de EE.UU.
con el actual presidente de EE.UU.
con el presidente saliente de EE.UU.
Question 6
En el vídeo se dice que...  
el presidente estadounidense quiere se conozca mejor la influencia de España en EE.UU.
Felipe VI quiere que se conozca más el legado español en EE.UU.
Felipe VI considera que ya se conoce muy bien el legado español en EE.UU.
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